Will Disney+ Air Marvel’s The Punisher?

Will we see Punisher here?

Yesterday, Disney has announced the date to the premiere of Disney+ streaming service during a convention event. The streaming service is set to start streaming on November 12th starting with Captain Marvel, one of the first Marvel films that will be premiering on the streaming service that day. They will stream a massive library of Disney classic films and favorites such as The Lion King, Beauty and The Beast, Toy Story, and Cars. They will also premiere on Disney+ is the Star Wars franchise which includes the newest SW original The Mandalorian. Disney+ will also air new original shows coming from Marvel that involves The Vision, Bucky Barnes, and Scarlet Witch.

But what about the 5 original shows that are still airing on Netflix for the time being? Will they premiere on Disney+, too? Not a chance according to the folks who claimed that Disney is planning on having the streaming network only get filled with family oriental shows within the G and PG-13 range. But that’s was before Disney+ announced the coming of The Simpsons, that world famous dysfunctional family famous for their adult-rated style comedy. All 30 Seasons of Bart, Homer, Maggie, Lisa, and Marge will air on Disney+ alongside all the G, PG, and PG-13 rated shows.

But something else is beginning to be rumored around the social network that teases the revival of a certain TV show!

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Punisher Season 1

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Could this mean that Marvel’s The Punisher will be among the shows that will air on Disney+? What about the Netflix contract that says that Marvel will have to wait 2 years to use the likes of Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist again the moment those shows get canceled on Netflix? Right now the contract stands. Marvel will wait two years to use the Defenders again. But because the show started much later than the 4 Defender shows, it’s unlikely the Punisher show will be under the 2-year waiting restriction, I believe. If Punisher is exempt from the 2-year waiting restriction that the 4 Defender shows are under, that means we get to see Jon Bernthal, Jason R. Moore, Deborah Ann Woll, and Amber Rose Revah reprise their roles as The Definitive Punisher, Curtis Hoyle, Karen Page, and Dinah Madani much sooner than we thought. *grin*

Well, here’s hopin’ for an announcement of seeing Punisher Season 3 this year when Disney+ starts its streaming service on November 12th. Although, I still favor seeing The Punisher premiere on Hulu, AMC, or any TV networking willing to pick the show up and renew it for Season 3.


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