Welcome to the Punisher Harp Zone, Cosmic Ghost Rider!


Welcome, Cosmic Ghost Rider, to The Punisher Harp Zone! You certainly proved yourself worthy to be in the musical zone with the original Frank Castle and his angelic harp and Bloodshot from Valiant Comics. Come again and play harp music with Castle and Ray anytime.

Cosmic Ghosr Rider and his Moon harp.

Coming soon these two harping Franks will meet together in my next Punisher Harp Art I’m working on right now.

I admit when I first saw CGR first appearing in a Thanos comic I thought he’s going to be as crappy as that stinkin’ Deadpool. But I was wrong. He turned out to be not such as bad Punisher incarnate after all. Cosmic Frank Castle is crazy, but not as crazy and insane as that annoying, chatty, hateful Merc. I gradually warmed up to Cosmic Frank and began opening the doors to let this Cosmic Ghost Riding Punisher into the PHZ as long as he doesn’t bring in that awful Baby Thanos into the zone and ruin it all for everybody, including me. This alternative version of Frank Castle is created by Donny Cates and enjoys playing upon the moon harp while dancing and prancing among the stars.