#TWD Related – Shane Walsh and Rick Grimes' Last Episode.

Long before he became The Punisher and took the Marvel/Netflix world by storm, Jon Bernthal appeared on AMC’s The Walking Dead as Deputy Shane Walsh, Rick’s former friend, turned enemy, turned walker, and turned dead.

Better get your hankies in hand to all those who are die-hard fans of The Walking Dead. Especially Rick Grimes. This Sunday is the very last episode Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) will make his appearance. And Shane Walsh, too.

Shane Walsh (Jon Bernthal before he became The Punisher) will be seen in hallucination scenes where Rick will suffer from hallucinations right after he fell from his spooked horse and ended up getting impaled by a metal rod. Will Rick survive and get lifted onto a helicopter and be taken to a much safer place to stay, or will he die and become food for the walkers?

Finally, after a lot of speculation, we now know when will Jon Bernthal make his one last appearance in TWD as Shane Walsh. In Episode 5 in Season 9 of TWD — on the very last Rick Grimes episode that will air on AMC this Sunday, November 4th at 9 pm EST. Don’t miss it!



Sherry Konkus

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