What #ThePunisher Teaser Contained.


Punisher skull emblem Frank used a sledgehammer to create.
Sorry, no Punisher in The Defenders. The scene where Punisher was “rescued” actually came from his own show that was thrown in the Defenders promo shown exclusively at the #SDCC as a teaser. But Punisher did appeared in The Defenders post-credit teaser trailer of The Punisher which contains a whole lot of Easter Eggs that showed up for only a fraction of a second. Good thing there’s a pause button on the YouTube video screen. With it we can see what’s in the teaser and figure out what’s going on in those scenes.
Looks like Season 1 of The Punisher will focus on Frank’s dark past with a set of flashbacks that takes us back in time to Frank’s earlier days before he became The Punisher. Among the flashbacks are the days he used to serve in the military. Back then he used to torture prisoners that he and his platoon have captured while fighting in battle. One prisoner that was tortured is Rawlins who had his right eye torn out by Frank who interrogated him over an issue as his army buddies struggled to restrain him.

Frank interrogates and tortures Rawlins.

Frank interrogates and tortures Rawlins.

One flashback depicts a peaceful time when Frank took his family on a boat ride to see the Statue of Liberty.
Frank takes his family to see the Statue of Liberty.

Frank takes his family to see the Statue of Liberty.

Another flashback came from Daredevil Season 2 where Frank punches out a portrait of him and his platoon where it conceals a CD that has the name “Micro” written on it.
POW goes the portrait.


Would it be incredible if the flashbacks include a recap of the most major Punisher events in Daredevil Season 2 like the epic prison fight and the moving graveyard scene?
As epic and nightmarish is the teaser, there’s one thing that puzzles me. Why in the world is Frank burning his vest armor?
Why is Frank burning his vest?

Why is Frank burning his vest?

To be honest I have no idea why he’s doing it. Maybe he’s not really burning it, but tampering it to make it stronger than it was when he first wore it. Or a much better vest is made for Frank by Micro. So therefore he doesn’t need to wear the old vest anymore. I don’t know. The only way for us to find out why is to watch The Punisher premiering on Netflix sometime in November.
He certainly won’t burn his harps. It would be a huge, fatal mistake for him to do that. His harps are his last and only hope for maintaining some form of Heaven after all the Hell he’s been through past and present. Heck. He’d rather burn himself than have all his harps, along with every last bit of sanity he has, go up in a big puff of smoke.
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