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The Problem with Trolls on Social Media.

Marvel’s The Punisher Season 2 is the top-rated show being aired on Netflix at this time. It’s not going anywhere but UP rating wise. So it won’t be any good to bad mouth the show in every way out of ignorance and false assumption that it’s going to get canceled like Daredevil, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist have experienced.

Last night while I was on The Punisher Reddit board (r/ThePunisher), I partook in a post mentioning something about some leaker going about claiming that the show is already canceled by commenting in the post’s thread that the leaker is a liar. Bad move. Next thing I knew I ended up getting bawled out for it because they were saying I was confusing the faker with an authentic leaker who says Netflix is waiting to see how high the show’s ratings are before they make their decision. I got a bit upset over that one. So I had to delete the post I made and apologized to everyone for causing such a stir.

Then, it got so bad when a new post with the title “Just Cancel The Show” popped up on the board that I had to hid the post at first. But then I got too bothered by what’s going on with The Punisher Reddit board lately. So I decided to delete my Reddit account and not deal with it anymore.

Kastle lives!

Some people seem to enjoy complaining about certain shows, including Punisher. As Ricky Nelson would say, “You can’t please everyone, so you got to please yourself.” We tell each other to ignore them and not let the little things turn into big problems, but sometimes we just can’t help it. And admittedly I’m among those people who habitually let certain little bothersome things turn into huge problems that bother us for a long time, wearing ourselves out emotionally and psychologically, rather than brush it off. Yes, I confess I made a mountain out of a molehill when I delve deep into what people think about Punisher Season 2 on Reddit and that somewhat ruined my evening and today.

The horrible way fake trolls and leakers talk about how bad Season 2 allegedly is compare to Season 1 and that it’s allegedly getting or already canceled on especially r/ThePunisher page, is what compelled me to leave the page and get rid of my Reddit account and quit. It was getting too much for me to handle at this time.

And admittedly, for a brief moment I, too was drawn into agreeing with the trolls on Tumblr and Reddit that Season 2 was awful compared to Season 1 (Shame on me!). But that was before I looked twice and saw a ton of posts praising the show and all of its cinematic glory in ways that clearly outweigh and outnumber all the negative crap that the trolls give out in social media.

So encouraged by the positive reaction and high praise of Punisher S2 that I disregarded all the negative crap the trolls are posting on social media and started focusing on only the mountain-size positive reviews and reactions coming from all those who actually saw Season 2 of Punisher and loved it.

Seriously, why should Season 2 be awful? Why should the show be canceled? Especially when it is among the top rated shows ever view on Netlfix right now! Even the cast and crew of AMC’s The Walking Dead is endorsing the show. Look below. This is the exact tweet posted on their Twitter account several days ago.

And here’s their retweet of today’s tweet from The Punisher’s Official Twitter account.

They are endorsing Punisher because of the star-studded performance of Jon Bernthal who appeared as Shane Walsh in Seasons 1, 2, and the last episode we see Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) in TWD and oh, how impressed they are of his powerful performance as Frank Castle in the Punisher series.

You know, with tweets like this it makes me wish that The Punisher show air on AMC as well as on Netflix. That will shoot up the Punisher ratings 10x higher than normal and put all those fake trolls to shame.

In fact, what I would love to see is Marvel’s The Punisher becoming the most On Demand show to air on Netflix alongside Stranger Things and Bird Box. That, along with the renewal for Season 3 and beyond, would shut up the mouths of trolls who arrogantly parade their “the show is getting canceled” and other similar crap they pull on Reddit, Tumblr, and other social media sites without a second thought.

Owosso Harpist

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