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    Punisher Max: The Slavers

    Punisher Max: The Slavers is one of the greatest Punisher stories of all time. And the most brutal. In this story written by the Master Punisher Writer Garth Ennis, Frank ends up dealing with a horrible prostitution ring operated by The Slavers. Three merciless individuals made up of Tiberiu Bulat, his son Cristu and his girlfriend Vera Konstantin who run the prostitution ring like a sex slave ring it is. Many helpless young women coming from impoverished neighborhoods ended up getting kidnapped, raped and forced into prostitution if they ever want to see themselves alive. If they resist, they’ll end up getting killed themselves. If they had babies, the Slavers…

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    Punisher Comics


    You would not believe just how resilient Punisher is with all those injuries and extreme sufferings he had to endure in his war against the criminal underworld. No one can survive such hardships like Frank can. And here’s proof. Not counting The Platoon here’s a list of what Frank had to put up with in the entire Punisher Max series coming from this source. Frank Castle is a highly capable and extremely strong man but that doesn’t stop him from suffering major injuries. Born: – Seven gunshot wounds across his body (Born #4) The Cell: – Beaten three times In The Beginning: – Seven stun rounds to the body, hand…