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#SecretEmpire Comes to an End

The real Cap appears to take back his country.
The real Cap appears to take back his country.

Well, Secret Empire has just concluded today. Good. Because I hated that story. So does a lot of people hated the story. But that didn’t stop a lot of people from reading the conclusion of the 10-parter and like it. The only thing a tad bit positive about it is the scene where the original Captain America appears in front of HydraCap, his evil doppelganger, and gave him a good beating with Thor’s hammer. This scene first appeared in The New York Times a few days before the release of Secret Empire #10. So we now know what happened to HydraCap and his Hydra organization days ahead of time. HydraCap and his organization has been defeated. Good Riddance! The Marvel Universe’s timeline as we know it has been restored although the events of Secret Empire have been added to it by the Cosmic Cube.
Good riddance to HydraCap!
Good riddance to HydraCap!

The most hated part of Secret Empire is Frank Castle’s portrayal as sleeper agent of Hydra, the very organization he is supposed to be punishing along with the rest of the members of the Resistance. But no, instead, Frank ends up joining Hydra on a bunch of false empty promises of getting an army to combat crime and have his family be brought back from the dead.
Shame on Frank for doing this! Working for HydraCap and kissing his arse while he is supposed to be a member of the Resistance movement out on a hunt to punish Cap for betraying his teammates and his country.  HydraFrank is without a doubt the worst portrayal of The Punisher Nick Spencer has ever come up with.
We don’t know what will happen to Frank now that Hydra has fallen and American Democracy has been restored. What we do know is that he will continue with his war against crime by donning the War Machine suit in the upcoming Punisher comic as part of the Marvel Legacy series this coming November a month after Becky Cloonan’s current Punisher run ends in October.

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