#SavePunisher – Here's some encouraging news for you

One of the Best Punisher Fanart by Matt K

One of the Best Punisher Fanart by Matt K

Bleeding Cool, a blog that focuses on Comics, TV and Movies, has posted a response from ComicsPRO which tells us that we can breathe a little sigh of relief knowing that The Punisher, Black Widow, and Ms. Marvel will still continue even when Marvel Comics publish “The Last Days” tie-ins for the Secret Wars Storyline in June.

Californian comic store manager Darren Hupke got in touch from ComicsPRO where this issue came up. He tells Bleeding Cool

“The Last Days” are not books that are being canceled. Ms Marvel and more will keep on truckin’. Secret Wars will be line wide so regular publishing will pause during it, some equivalent titles, some minis, some new. They didn’t want to brand every monthly book with “Secret Wars” as if they were all tie-ins. Some will pause, some will tie-in. They are being elusive because a lot will change in September, but for the event itself it’s line wide and that’s the focus.

That means there will be more Punisher stories coming that are not tie-ins or a part of the Secret Wars storyline. There will be more stories of Punisher MAX targeting mature readers and independent Punisher stories that won’t have anything to do with superhero fantasies and pulp fiction. 🙂 Hope ComicsPRO is right.


Sherry Konkus

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