Marvel's The Punisher Season 2 to be filming soon! Very soon!

There’s a huge buzz going around that Punisher Season 2 will start filming soon, like real soon.

Almost that time! #thepunisher

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It’s still in pre-production mode with auditions going around to find people who will be part of the PS2 cast. Word is coming about that Punisher Season 2 will be an adaptation of one of the greatest and the most brutal Punisher Max stories of all time, The Slavers. According to the latest article from That HashTag Show, 2 women have been chosen to play the part of 2 characters that appeared in the Punisher Max story.

Marvel TV is looking to cast two female roles, ANNIE BEIR and KIM DAVIS. For the role of ANNIE, they are looking for an 18-year old female to play a 16-year old on the show. She’s been described to us a someone who is used to the streets and is both scrappy and aware of her environment. For the role of KIM, they are looking for a female in her mid-30s, open ethnicity, to become a series regular working as a therapist.

These characters appear to resemble Viorica, an escaped sex slave Punisher rescued from a group of thugs, and Jen Cooke, a social worker who helped Punisher take out and destroy the Slavers, a brutal prostitution ring made up of Old Man Tiberiu Bulat and his son Cristu and his girlfriend Vera Konstantin. This indicates that Season 2 will adapt to The Slavers storyline. But that’s not all. The producers of the show is also looking for a man who will be playing the part of a character that resembles Detective Martin Soap, a bad luck detective from the “Welcome Back, Frank” storyline who had been chosen to take part in a Punisher hunting taskforce group that’s doomed to fail from the very start.

Additionally, it looks as though the new season may see some version of the Punisher Task Force come into play as it appears they MAY be casting for the role of Detective Martin Soap. We’re told that a casting search is underway for a male of any ethnicity in his early 30s to play an honest detective by the name of MELVIN SKELLING. While this may be a new character created for the show, it could just as easily be Soap, who was first introduced during the classic Garth Ennis story arc, “Welcome Back, Frank.”

It’s not official yet. Season 2 is still in its preliminary stage. But if confirmed, it’ll be completely epic to see these 3 characters make their debut in Marvel’s The Punisher and drive Pete Castiglione (aka Frank Castle) from his harp (and/or guitar) playing, his book reading and concrete pounding, and get back to being The Punisher. This time he’ll be up against criminals who operated a forced prostitution slave ring that Frank must destroy to save the innocent once more.


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