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The Punisher invades The Suicide Slums in Metropolis!

Bringing Hell with him.Don’t count on Lex Luthor rebuilding the wormhole again. The blueprints used to create the device has been destroyed along with the device itself. With the blueprints gone, Luthor can never rebuild the wormhole device. And so the entire DC Comics universe is now stuck with Frank Castle, The Punisher. But before the wormhole got destroyed, Frank ended up going through a lot of events that lead him to kiss the Marvel Universe goodbye and say hello to the DC Comics Universe right after the now-dismantled wormhole device brought him here. One of them is his first visit to a notorious area of Metropolis known as The Suicide Slums.
The first thing Luthor did to help Frank, David, and Billy get adjusted to their new life working for him in Metropolis is give them a tour of the city. So he took the 3 men out on a tour of Metropolis. As Luthor was showing them all of the areas affiliated only with Lexcorp, Punisher got bored and sneak away to search for criminals to punish. A half hour later, Frank descends into a very bad section of the city called The Suicide Slums. It is an area multitudes of criminals and crime lords call home. It’s a major hotbed for poverty, crime, and corruption. So much so that Superman never bothered to clean up the area of crime and was criticized for it in spite of having all the superpowers he needs to protect the world and his beloved city from evil. And yet he was unable to make that dirty area of Metropolis clean. And that’s a shame.
If Superman is unable to clean up the area of crime and Batman is way too busy defending Gotham City from evil to do anything about it, then someone else will! And that someone is none other than The Punisher! Only The Punisher can thoroughly clean up the Suicide Slums and get the job done. This place is a lot like Hell’s Kitchen way back in the Marvel Universe. It is here in the SouthSide area of Metropolis that The Punisher gives the ultimate punishment to the guilty for the first time ever in the DC Comics Universe.
He appeared in front of a gang of murderers who have been killing innocent children at a school area to establish their own territory and get ready to declare war on a rival gang that’s stationing at another school a few blocks down from where they’re at. But when they saw Punisher for the first (and the last) time, the gang war ended too soon. Punisher turned both gangs to big piles of meat lying on the ground, avenging the children. Then Frank hears the wailing sound of police sirens telling Frank that he must leave and go into hiding. Keeping low inside of an abandoned building, Frank watch as Metropolis police department along with 2 news reporters from The Daily Planet survey the area. As the police and the coroners bring out a stack of body bags that were soon filled with the bodies of all the gang members killed by Punisher, the reporters conduct an interview with a few innocent bystanders who were terribly shaken by what they saw. Each of them described a very dark shadowy man with a white skull on his chest; a frightening figure that no one has ever seen before. They think he’s in league with Death because when he showed up to confront the gangs, he brought death with him which fell upon them all in form of two uzi guns that the man unloaded onto the thugs at a very fast pace. They never stood a chance.
Reporter 1: “Does he have superpowers?”
Bystander: “I don’t know. We just saw him for the first time. We couldn’t tell.”
Reporter 2: “Do you know where he is?”
Bystander: “Nope, I don’t. He just came and went. That’s as far as we know about him.”
Even the police themselves are baffled. Who is he that killed all the gangs? Where did he come from? Is he Death himself? The Grim Reaper? Satan? With enough info leading to the assumption that the gangs were all killed by The Grim Reaper in hand, the reporters went back to The Daily Planet headquarters to give out their report.
The Suicide Slums
But Perry White, Chief Editor of The Daily Planet, who doesn’t believe in ghost, goblins, and other supernatural beings, had the reporters write the article to say that what has happened at the crime scene is the result of people overdosing themselves on crack cocaine that lead them to suffer delusions of death that drove them into madness and kill each other in a bloody fatal fight. There were a whole lot of drugs found in the pockets of the thugs, but none of them were crack cocaine. Instead there was actually heroin and ecstasy found among the bodies along with knives, guns, bullets, and other types of weaponry.
This gave Perry the idea that an all out brawl between thugs under the influence of drugs took place which lead to the deaths of both gangs. But the eyewitnesses claimed they saw the dark man right before their very eyes. Perry believes that they were suffering from drug induced delusions, too. Although none of the reporters ever smelled the stench of drugs coming out of their mouths. But they did smell the stench of alcohol under their breath; the witnesses have just left The Ace O’ Spades bar when the incident took place. So the incident was likely the result of drugs and alcohol overdoses, rather than the fatal encounter with The Punisher. So the two reporters wrote the article as Perry wanted it written and put it on the front page of The Daily Planet.
Later, Frank went to a newspaper vending machine, insert some coins, and took the paper out. “Drugs and Alcohol leads to SouthSide Fatal Fight.” read the headlines as Frank reads the paper and discovers some new interesting things about the DC Comics Universe. “I think I’m gonna like it here.” said Frank as he starts to make big plans that will alter the way he’s been fighting the never ending war against crime ever since his family got killed all those years ago in Central Park. Plans that will include making Suicide Slums in Metropolis his new home. A home that will serve as his main headquarters as he and Micro strives to pursue and eliminate Jigsaw wherever they can find him in the DC Comics Universe.

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Sherry Konkus lives in Owosso, MI. She is the proud owner of the Camac Athena EX Concert Grand Harp named "Grover" and Camac Mademoiselle named "Ernie." She's also the proud author of The Punisher Harp Zone. Sherry is the one who came up with the idea of portraying The Punisher from Marvel Comics as the punishing harpist who plays the harp in memory of his family who was killed by the mob years ago.

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