The Punisher Arrives in Gotham City and Battles Batman


Punisher and Batman.
The only VS. story I’m really looking forward to seeing in the comics and on film (or TV) is Batman vs. The Punisher. Sure it has happened twice before, but I want to see Marvel and DC Comics team up to do Batman vs. The Punisher story once more. This time have Punisher become part of the DC Comics universe where he’ll mainly fit in the Batman universe although it’ll be neat to see Frank waging war against villains in other areas of the DC Universe from Star City, home of Green Arrow, to the Suicide Slums of Metropolis.
Punisher and Micro pursue Jigsaw to a nightmarish city known as Gotham City, a city that gave both Frank and Micro the creeps. It’s a city out of a nightmare in sharp contrast to Metropolis, the first city they found themselves in when Luthor used the now dismantled wormhole device to bring them in the DC Universe.
Frank: “I hate Gotham.”
Micro: “So do I. But this is where we last saw Jigsaw. The sputtering of the copter blades indicate that the police copter he stole is running out of gas so he has to make a landing somewhere in this hellish city somehow.”
Just then Micro sees what appears to be an abandoned airport.
Micro: “Look. There’s an old airfield with a clear landing spot. Hang on, Frank. We’re going in for a landing.”
Micro slowly lands the copter onto the landing field and shut off the motor. Then the two men began loading ammo into their weapons.
Micro: “Listen carefully, Frank. This is new territory we’re finding ourselves in. We don’t know who’s who and what’s what inside this place so we gotta stay together and be on high alert for any signs of trouble lurking within the shadows of this concrete hellhole. Got it?”
Frank: “Got it, Micro. The sooner we find and take down Jigsaw, the sooner we leave this &^%$hole and not bother coming back.”
Micro: “All right, Frank. Let’s go and try to act casual, ok?”
Frank nodded as the two men get out of the copter and leave the abandoned airport to make their way to the nightmarish world of Gotham City.
This is regarded as the world most dangerous city. The crime rate here is monstrously high. Not to mention that it’s ruled by crime lords that control multitudes of city sections full of gangs that cause so much trouble in Gotham City. But not one crook could ever compare to The Joker, Penguin, The Riddler, Catwoman, Mr. Freeze, Two-Face, Harley Quinn, Killer Croc, Black Mask, Scarecrow, Hush, Ra’s Al Gul, Man-Bat, Poison Ivy, The Mad Hatter, Hugo Strange, and a whole host of other villains that grace Batman’s rogue gallery. Most stay at Arkham because they are psychotically insane. Others stay at Blackgate Penitentiary, a prison where The Penguin and other sane criminals are incarcerated in.
But nothing stops Frank from bringing the ultimate punishment to anyone who deserves it such as a petty crook who just robbed a jewelry store of a priceless gem. Frank and Micro sees the crook committed the crime and getting away with the gems. Micro instantly sics Punisher after him. Punisher chases the petty crook into a back alleyway. With no way out, the crook realizing that he’s trapped trembles in terror as The Punisher, with his glock pointing straight at him, closes in for the kill. Suddenly, a batarang appears! It hit the glock off of Frank, disarming him.
Frank: “^%$#!! Who did that?”
Batman: “I did.”
Frank looks up and sees a dark shadowy figure who looks more of less like a bat. He’s none other than The Batman aka Bruce Wayne, Billionaire Playboy by day, Caped Crusader by night.
Batman saves the petty criminal from Punisher. The sight of Frank and his death skull symbol sends chills up Bruce’s spine. But he quickly brush it off as he flings out his batarang that hit Frank’s glock off his hand.
Batman: “No killing allowed!”
Frank: “Says who?”
Batman: “Says the one who will not allow you to murder even this man no matter what he did.”
Frank: “Yeah? Well allow me to do this!!”
Frank lunges with his fist in the air to deliver a devastating punch. Bruce dodges and tackles Frank into some garbage cans that stood by a wall in a dark alley, allowing the petty crook escape. Things started heating up as Punisher and Batman do battle against each other, trading blows with their fists and their kicks. Ducking, wrestling, chopping, bludgeoning, dodging, slamming, and punching, both men are evenly matched. Skilled fighters who refuse to back down no matter how hard they trade blows. The battle went on and on for over 15-20 minutes until both men became exhausted. Bleeding from their mouths and noses, panting like dogs in summer heat, they pause a moment to conserve their energy in a silent tense standoff. Suddenly they heard gunshots. Screams are heard as well. The two men quickly abandon the fight and use their last remaining strength to race to the crime scene and find a dead body lying on the ground. It was the body of the petty crook that Batman saved from Punisher. He was shot and killed by someone with a badly deformed face that Frank knows all too well. And he’s getting away with the stolen gems.
Frank: “JIGSAW!”
Batman: “Jigsaw? You know him?”
Frank: “He’s the scumbag I’m entirely after. He killed my family years ago in Central Park! He’s known as Jigsaw. His real name is Billy Russo. He was the one who first pulled the trigger on my family. My wife. My two children. All dead because of him! Now I want kill him and avenge my family!” *starts to run but was hold back by Bruce*
Batman: “You’ll kill no one! Not now! Not in my city! Not ever! What is your name?”
Frank: “They call me The Punisher. And you?”
Batman: “I’m Batman. I defend this city called Gotham City from crime, but unlike you, I kill no one. I let everyone live regardless of whether they’re innocent or guilty.”
Frank: “Oh, geez. You’re as bad as two “softies” I used to know.”
Batman: “Listen, Punisher. I’ll help you catch Jigsaw. But you must promise me to never kill anyone. Not even Jigsaw. If you break your promise and kill someone, even Jigsaw, then I’ll have you permanently locked away at the Blackgate Penitentiary at once. Promise?”
But before Frank has a chance to answer, a rising sound of police sirens pierce the Gotham air. Someone called the police to report a murder that occurred in the alley Bruce and Frank are at. Batman turns around to see the police cars arriving at the scene. With Bruce’s back turned, Punisher quietly slips into the sewers via a manhole and escapes. At the same time Gotham City Police Department’s own Commissioner Jim Gordon emerges from one of the police vehicles to greet Batman.
Jim: “A murder took place here. Where’s the body?”
Batman: “Right here, Jim.”
Jim: “Ewww…”
Jim and the officers approach the body to look for clues.
Officer: “I wonder who killed this guy?”
Jim: “Batman knows.”
Batman: “It was someone by the name of Jigsaw. At the sight of his face, I can easily tell why he’s called “Jigsaw.” His face has an appearance of a jigsaw puzzle.”
Jim: “Jigsaw, eh? Never heard of him.”
Batman: “Neither do I until I encountered him through this other man who calls himself.. *looks about* he’s gone. Must have slipped through the sewers while my back is turned.”
Jim: “Who’s gone?”
Batman: “The one they called The Punisher. I battled him to rescue this now dead man from being killed not too long ago. He must have slipped away when I turned my back on him.”
Jim: “Punisher, eh? Never heard of him.”
Batman: “Neither do I. He’s a newcomer to Gotham City. I’ll have to spend some time researching to find out who he is. As far as I know, The Punisher said that he’s after Jigsaw whom he claimed murdered his family many years ago. And wants revenge for it.”
Jim: “Do you know what he looks like?”
Batman: “A man in a dark uniform with a unique white human skull design on his chest. He’s in his 30s or 40s, perhaps. And about as tall and muscular as I am. As far as I know he is a potentially dangerous criminal who’s after another dangerous criminal who killed his wife and 2 children years ago. I must find out more about him and his foe. And stop them both before they commit another murder in Gotham City.”


Sherry Konkus

Sherry Konkus lives in Owosso, MI. She is the proud owner of the Camac Athena EX Concert Grand Harp named "Grover" and Camac Mademoiselle named "Ernie." She's also the proud author of The Punisher Harp Zone. Sherry is the one who came up with the idea of portraying The Punisher from Marvel Comics as the punishing harpist who plays the harp in memory of his family who was killed by the mob years ago.