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How The Punisher arrived in the DC Comics Universe

The Punisher in the DC Comics Universe.AUTHOR’S NOTE: I honestly find DC Comics to be far more appealing to me than Marvel Comics who own the rights to The Punisher. Maybe someday Marvel, which is owned by Disney, will allow DC Comics to have the rights to The Punisher. When or if that happens, then prepare to see The Punisher wage his war against crime in the streets of Metropolis, Gotham City, Bludhaven, or any other place in the DC Comics universe the violent vigilante will find himself in in his relentless pursuit of Jigsaw. But for right now, we can only dream..
Forget all those disastrous Punisher storylines containing Parker Robbins’ resurrection and the subsequent scorching of Frank’s family, Avenging Angel Punisher, Micro turning himself evil, Jigsaw getting destroyed along with Micro, Franken Castle, all those Deadpool stories with Punisher in them (I HATE DEADPOOL!), or Punisher finding himself dead along with all other inhabitants on planets that crashed together, killing everybody (including Punisher) to form BattleWorld in the 2015’s Secret Wars.
All those Punisher storylines have been altered to be entirely non-existent thanks to Lex Luthor’s most powerful device capable of producing a powerful wormhole that pulled all three Marvel characters, The Punisher (aka Frank Castle), Microchip (aka David Linus Liberman), and Jigsaw (aka Billy “The Beaut” Russo) into the DC Comics universe.
Lex Luthor broke into S.T.A.R. Labs and stole top secret blueprints for the creation of a highly powerful wormhole vortex device and uses it to create his own version of the wormhole device so he can attempt to bring Doomsday, Superman’s deadliest enemy, back from The Phantom Zone, where the Kryptonian creature was sent to following the monster’s vicious battle against The Man of Steel. Kal-El defeated Doomsday using a similar wormhole device to pull Doomsday into the Phantom Zone and trap him there. Luthor had no means of bringing him back… that is until he made the wormhole vortex device from the stolen blueprints and inadvertently used it to bring in The Punisher, Micro, and Jigsaw from The Marvel Universe just as Micro, on the brink of giving up on Frank, was about to lock him up in a cell because he was getting increasingly violent and uncontrollable and Jigsaw was about to force his son Henry to kill a stray cat that he brought home.
Both 3 men find themselves inside a warehouse owned by a company called Lexcorp where they find themselves face to face with Luthor and the machine that brought them here. Luthor grew fearful and intimidated at the sight of Frank, but he brushed it aside and welcomed the 3 men to his world. He introduces himself and offered them an opportunity to work for him, promising them higher wages, benefits, and promotions to higher positions in his Lexcorp company.
Frank is not interested. He starts raising his gun, but Jigsaw, greedy as ever, knocks Frank aside and takes the offer. Jigsaw tells Luthor that Frank and Micro are his “associates” who will be delighted to work for Luthor as well. Both Micro and Frank is taken aback by Jigsaw’s remarks. Frank does not trust him. Neither does Micro. But the 2 have no choice but to accept Luthor’s offer along with Jigsaw in order to find out where the heck are they, why the heck were they brought here, and most of all find out how the heck to get back to where they came from.
Well to make the long story short, Luthor finds himself running for his life from The Punisher and realizing that he made a big mistake in bringing Frank into his world. Quickly, after he eluded The Punisher for a brief time, Luthor makes a desperate attempt to send the 3 individuals back where they belong and rewire the controls to bring Doomsday back from The Phantom Zone. He failed. Instead, he ended up overdoing it on the controls and inadvertently brought in almost the entire cast of Marvel characters that at once overwhelmed the entire Lexcorp warehouse. And things got chaotic and overwhelming from there. It was way too much for Luthor to handle. Like a coward he is, Luthor ran away, leaving all of the Marvel characters to battle one another over a certain glove and its collection of colorful gems. Punisher also ran away, too. But instead of running outside, he fought his way to the controls of the wormhole device and program it to reverse the affects of the wormhole.
None of the Marvel Characters belong in the DC Comics universe and Frank knows it. He knows that if they stay, they will bring huge disaster to the entire DC Comics Universe. So therefore, every Marvel Character must go back to the Marvel universe where they belong. But not Frank. Not him. Although he’s of the Marvel Universe, Frank is opting to stay in the DC Comics universe and become a part of it whether anyone from both universes like it or not; there is something about the DC Comics Universe that’s leading Punisher to break the ties to the Marvel universe and stay in the DC universe forever where he’ll begin a brand new life and wage a brand new war against crime. Punisher insists that he stay, believing that what he’s finding in the DC universe is none other than his true calling.
Deadpool (aka Wilson Wade): “Stay here? Come on, Frank. Don’t you want to go home with us?”
Frank: “This is home! *slams the controls on* So long, Blabbermouth, and good riddance!”
Punisher bids the entire Marvel World a fond farewell as he activates the machine and the wormhole appears. Punisher quickly ran out of the building just as the wormhole begins to unleash its full power in reverse. It pulled every Marvel character (except Punisher, Micro, and Jigsaw who were also outside the building) through the worm hole and back into The Marvel Universe where they belong. Minutes later, the wormhole device overloads and explodes, taking the entire building that housed Luthor’s contraption with it, leaving Frank Castle, David Linus Liberman, and Billy “The Beaut” Russo officially stuck in the DC Universe permanently.
When they were back into their own world with the Infinity Gauntlet back into the right hands (thanks to Spider-man who managed to get back the Infinity Gauntlet back just before they were all sucked back into their own world), the Marvel Heroes tried to use the gauntlet’s Time Gem to go back in time to the day before Frank was sucked up into Luthor’s wormhole and try to find and warn him about his impending fate. They were unsuccessful. Instead they end up discovering that the history of their universe have been altered. Every evidence and memory of The Punisher’s existence have been entirely erased from all the Marvel worlds. Even the Marvel Heroes’ own memory of The Punisher gradually fade away to where they completely forgot all about him… leaving The Kingpin gloating over the formation of a large army of criminals that Frank had killed before. But thanks to the altering of Mavel history, the villains are all brought back to life and ready to help their boss launch a worldwide crime wave that S.H.I.E.L.D. will have to deal with in another Marvel story.
Back in the DC universe, Luthor frantically sends out a distress call for help from the Justice League to come and defuse the chaotic situation that has gone completely out of control. But when the JL accompanied by the Metropolis authorities arrived, they find nothing but a burning, wrecked empty building and a crazy bald-headed villain who was freaking out about seeing a gaggle of “costumed crazies” straight out of a comic book fighting each other until The Punisher was able to send all the Marvel Characters back into their own world before the device blew up and destroyed the whole building. The JL looked about and saw no “costumed crazies” around.
Superman: “Uh, have you been reading too many comic books lately, Luthor?”
Luthor: *acting crazy* “THEY’RE EVERYWHERE! THEY’RE EVERYWHERE! YOU SHOULD’VE SEEN THEM! ONE THAT SHOOTS WEBS, THE OTHER HAD A PATRIOTIC SHIELD, AND THAT GREEN SKIN MONSTROSITY BIGGER THAN ANYTHING THAT I EVER SEEN…! *breathes loudly* And then there this crazy mercenary who acts like a “Chatty Kathy” doll, a biker with a flaming skull, a goblin with explosive pumpkins, a steel faced leader, a beastly girl with claws, a devil with two sticks… a magician..”
Batman: “Uh, I think you need to stop reading comic books, Luthor. They’re becoming a bad influence on you.”
Wonder Woman: “How about we help you out by escorting you to the nearest prison cell where you can just calm down, chill out, and get away from all those comic books that’s been getting to you. Is that ok?”
Luthor: *being helped up by The Martian Manhunter and Hawkman* “B-B-But I wasn’t reading any comic books. I was just…”
J’onn J’onzz: “You can explain all that when you stand before the judge in the courtroom, Luthor. Let’s go.”
As the JL escorts Luthor to prison, no one notices The Punisher on the roof top of a neighboring warehouse getting inside a helicopter Micro is piloting; their partnership renewed. Jigsaw has been spotted on another copter, a police copter that Jigsaw hijacked from 2 officer pilots that Billy killed to steal the copter from them. Micro had to snag another copter, an empty Lexcorp one, to pick up Frank and help him pursue Jigsaw to who knows where in the DC Comics’ own Prime Earth will they find themselves in.

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Sherry Konkus lives in Owosso, MI. She is the proud owner of the Camac Athena EX Concert Grand Harp named "Grover" and Camac Mademoiselle named "Ernie." She's also the proud author of The Punisher Harp Zone. Sherry is the one who came up with the idea of portraying The Punisher from Marvel Comics as the punishing harpist who plays the harp in memory of his family who was killed by the mob years ago.

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