You would not believe just how resilient Punisher is with all those injuries and extreme sufferings he had to endure in his war against the criminal underworld. No one can survive such hardships like Frank can. And here’s proof. Not counting The Platoon here’s a list of what Frank had to put up with in the entire Punisher Max series coming from this source.
Frank Castle is a highly capable and extremely strong man but that doesn’t stop him from suffering major injuries.
– Seven gunshot wounds across his body (Born #4)
The Cell:
– Beaten three times
In The Beginning:
– Seven stun rounds to the body, hand and face (The Punisher #2)
– A bullet fired at point blank range grazing his forehead (The Punisher #5)
– Right arm grazed by a shotgun (The Punisher #5)
– Hit in the chest with a shotgun, blocked by vest (The Punisher #6)
– Fell through the roof of a warehouse (The Punisher #6)
– Shot in a left rib by a shotgun at point-blank range. (The Punisher #6)
– Lung grabbed and squeezed through the wound in his side. (The Punisher #6)
– Punched in the face. (The Punisher #6)
– Slashed on the right forearm, right thigh and left side of the head (The Punisher #6)
– Right hand stabbed by a shard of glass (The Punisher #6)
– Stabbed in the back at least once (The Punisher #6)
Kitchen Irish:
– Caught in an explosion resulting in a nosebleed and bleeding from the ears. (The Punisher #7)
– Upper left arm impaled by a shard of glass. (The Punisher #7)
– Grenade shrapnel to the right arm (The Punisher #12)
– Probable concussion (from a grenade) (The Punisher #12)
Mother Russia:
– Smashed through a bar, delivering blunt force trauma (The Punisher #14)
– Right eye socket broken (The Punisher #16)
– Head repeatedly smashed with an AK47. (The Punisher #16)
Up Is Down, Black Is White:
– Gunshot to the left arm (The Punisher #22)
– Shotgun to the chest, mitigated by a bulletproof vest. (The Punisher #23)
– Stabbed in the left shoulder (The Punisher #24)
– Bashed over the head with a nightstand (The Punisher #24)
– Eyes clawed at (The Punisher #24)
The Slavers:
– Three gunshots to the chest, one of which penetrates his vest. (The Punisher #29)
– Thrown through windshield resulting in a concussion and broken bones (The Punisher #33)
– Thrown through two wooden walls (The Punisher #33)
– Repeated strikes to the head, which Frank figures will likely result in brain damage (The Punisher #33)
Man of Stone:
– Pistol whip to the head (The Punisher #37)
– Sliced wrist (self-induced) (The Punisher #41)
– Shot through the chest, creating a large exit wound on his back (The Punisher #46)
– Kicked in the face with a stiletto heel (The Punisher #46)
The Long Cold Dark:
– Burst left eardrum (The Punisher #50)
– Five diminished shotgun shells to the chest (The Punisher #50)
– Shotgun butt to the head (The Punisher #50)
– Multiple blows to the head (The Punisher #51)
– Broken left arm (The Punisher #51)
– Three fingers broken on left hand (The Punisher #51)
– Stab wound to right side of torso (The Punisher #51)
– Broken rib (The Punisher #51)
– Collapsed lung (The Punisher #51)
– Thrown into a tree (The Punisher #53)
– Punched in the face three times (The Punisher #53)
– Several strong punches to the face (The Punisher #54)
– Three knocked out teeth (The Punisher #54)
– Broken cheekbone (The Punisher #54)
Valley Forge, Valley Forge
– Shot through the right shin (The Punisher #58)
– Kicked in the face (The Punisher #58)
– Beaten with batons (The Punisher #58)
– Tased seven times (The Punisher #58)
Clean gunshots: 11
Grazed, blocked or deflected gunshots: 11
Stun rounds: 7
Tasings: 7
Explosions: 3
Stabbings: 5
Hits to the head:
Missing teeth: 3
Direct hits to the head: 25
Broken bones: 9 (at least)
Concussions: 2
For fun I worked up a quick autopsy diagram, just to see what all of Frank’s injuries look like added up. It’s not pretty:

Punisher’s Autopsy list of all his injuries.

Dang. This is one clear testimony to the man who was born with the ability to endure all kinds of extreme sufferings and survive. What’s amazing about this elderly man is that in spite of all those injuries he has all over his body, he still continues to fight like a badarse and, after his enemies are dead, play the harp beautifully as his wounds heal.


Sherry Konkus

Sherry Konkus lives in Owosso, MI. She is the proud owner of the Camac Athena EX Concert Grand Harp named "Grover" and Camac Mademoiselle named "Ernie." She's also the proud author of The Punisher Harp Zone. Sherry is the one who came up with the idea of portraying The Punisher from Marvel Comics as the punishing harpist who plays the harp in memory of his family who was killed by the mob years ago.