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Looking out for The New Retro Punisher Figure.

I’m trying to look for this newest Punisher figure that’s just coming out this month in my local area to recruit into The Punisher Harp Ensemble.

 What The Retro Punisher Package looks like. Kind of reminds you of the time you were buying figures like him from Toy Biz, doens't it?
What The Retro Punisher Package looks like. Kind of reminds you of the time when you were buying figures like him when you were a kid growing up during the 90s’, doesn’t it?

Here he is out of the box. I believe he'll be pleased to join The Punisher Harp Ensemble when I find him.
Here he is out of the box. I believe he’ll be pleased to join The Punisher Harp Ensemble when I find him.

He’s Hasbro’s newest Punisher figure based on the artwork of Jim Lee, a well known Punisher artist and CEO of DC Comics. Frank is a part of a retro series of Marvel Heroes based on the original Marvel Heroes action figures that was manufactured by Toy Biz in the 1990s’ when Marvel figures like this classic Punisher figure below was selling in toy stores like hot cakes.
Punisher from Toy Biz
This the original retro package to the Toy Biz Punisher set. The newest version has a much bigger Punisher figure than the original 5” version.

Today, Toy Biz is no longer in business. But back in the 90s’, the company was making a whole lot of Marvel action figures and play sets like for instance this Shape Shifting Punisher figure who unfortunately turned out to be a controversial figure that was supposed to transform into a handgun. Instead the Punisher figure was transformed into a perverted X-rated figure with a enlarged phallus that caused such a massive uproar from parents everywhere that Toy Biz had to pull the figure from the store shelves and make an apology to every enraged parent out there for their mistake of making and selling the infamous “Dick Punisher” to kids everywhere.
The Controversial Punisher figure.
I won’t show you the controversial side of Punisher but I will show you this package where he came from.

Thankfully we will not have to deal with that kind of toy this holiday season. Instead we’re getting a much kid-friendlier toy figure of Frank where all he has in his arsenal is one Bazooka and 2 changing heads you can switch around to reveal either a battle raging Frank wearing a head band around his head or calming Frank without the hand band on his head, just like this special Punisher figure from Hasbro’s Marvel Legends Series 6 collection to which the modern Retro 2017 version of Frank closely resembles.

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