CHINGGGG goes the WarHarp!

Coming next month in July is the debut of Gerry Duggan and Juan Ferreyra’s 5 issue series known as Punisher: Kill Krew where Frank embarks on a mission to travel throughout the 10 Realms of the Marvel Universe’s own version of Norse Mythology to eradicate all of the remaining monsters of Malekith that was left behind after the events of The War of the Realms and the Dark Elf’s defeat. He’s bringing all the big guns and swords he needs to accomplish the task. But why have just these weapons at his disposal when Frank can also take Warharp with him and use it to slay the armies of dragons and giants with the blissful sound of “CHING!”

The Punisher and his Warharp Kill Krew art done by me using No. 2 Pencil, Black Manga Calligraphy pen for outlining, Cra.Z.Art Timeless Creation Colored Pencils, Crayola Silly Scent crayons, and Crayola Metallic markers for coloring.