NEW PUNISHER HARP ART!! Marco Checchetto’s Punisher and his harp.


I like to draw favorite characters playing the harp near a lighthouse by the seashore or lagoon over the years or on a cloud on a starry night. Drawing Frank playing the harp in one of the 2 scenes is no different than that. I find such artwork of mine very enjoyable to make and very wonderful to look at. Here he is.

Based on the incredible artwork from Marco Checchetto, we see Frank harping on a vintage Erard harp by the lighthouses by the shores of either Maine or Michigan (where he stayed with Beth Quinn for awhile in Season 2 of Marvel’s The Punisher) where people can go and see a lot of lighthouses dotting the harbor and shorelines of the Great Lakes. Drawing done with crayons, pencils, markers, and Photoshop CC for touch ups. Shown in comparison with a panel shot from Daredevil #4 by Matthew Rosenberg below!

Marco Checchetto’s incredible panel shot from Matthew Rosenberg’s daredevil #4!