New Jon Bernthal Punisher photos!


Pardon the Getty images logo watermark, guys. I couldn’t afford to get an account from where it just uploaded a new set of incredible photos taken from the set of the upcoming Netflix’s show The Punisher showing Jon Bernthal as The Punisher driving around in his Battle Van.

 Punisher in his Battle Van.  Now he's out of the van.  Now he's posing.


On the set of The Punisher. On the set of The Punisher 2 On the set of The Punisher 3


If only I can afford to get an account on Gettyimages... I can remove the watermark from the images that way. It won't obstruct this view.


And this view. And especially this view! And that view!


And this view! Now this is epic! More on the set of The Punisher.
On camera. I hate it when the watermark's in the way. Especially when it blocks Jon, The Punisher's great smile.


And this smile. And that smile. Now he's deep in thought.

Time for another hunt for criminals.


Sherry Konkus

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