My Thoughts About Civil War "I'm with #TeamIronMan!"


Civil War II with Frank on the cover.
Next month, Civil War begins! In both the comics and the Marvel Cinematic Universe, 2 civil wars will each be fought among the Marvel heroes over a different subject. One is fought over an Inhuman who possesses the ability to accurately predict the future. A dumb idea IMO but that’s what Marvel Comic’s upcoming Civil War II storyline is all about. And The Punisher, for a small part, will end up getting involved in it even though he’s supposed to be staying out of it and embark on a harrowing road trip to discover who’s behind the unstable version of the super-soldier serum drug in Becky Cloonan’s upcoming Punisher Run.
The other will involve a fight over superhero registration ordinance that makes much more sense in getting involved in than a pathetic fight over an Inhuman. The battle over the superhero registration ordinance, which will commence in theaters on May 6th, is loosely based on a well-known Marvel Comics storyline. Captain America: Civil War will have Cap (aka Steve Rogers) in opposition of the superhero registration act which says that all those with super powers must have their superhero names and their secret identities be registered so that the government will know who to turn to for help… and who to blame for causing “collateral damage” in an attempt to defeat a super villain, like what happened in a certain town where Scarlet Witch (aka Wanda Maximoff) and Cap battled Crossbones only to inadvertently cause a destruction of a building filled with innocent people. Cap oppose the ordinance because he believes that superheroes don’t need to be told what to do by any government and no one needs to know their secret identities.
Tell that to Tony Stark (aka Iron Man) who helped pass the ordinance because after what happened at that one certain town, superheroes do need to be held accountable for their own actions just like everybody else. That caused Cap and Tony’s friendship to fracture and the Avengers team to be divided up into 2 warring teams battling each other over the ordinance. Thankfully Punisher is staying out of Civil War. Otherwise, when asked who’s side will he be on, Punisher (aka Frank Castle played by Jon Bernthal) says that he’ll be on the side of Team Spider-man (aka Peter Parker played by Tom Holland) who will appear in Civil War on #TeamIronMan’s side. That means Punisher, in a way, is also on the side of #TeamIronMan as well.
Captain America Civil War Poster.
This is better than being on the side of #TeamCap like what Punisher in the main Marvel Comics Universe ended up being on when he discovered that some crime bosses were hiring superheroes to take down anti-registration groups. So, he had no choice but to participate in the war even though he’d rather stay out of it. If he did completely stayed out of it, he would’ve never been beaten up by Cap who called him a “Murderous Piece of Trash” for killing two criminals who were trying to side with Cap who takes the “live and let live” approach like Daredevil does when it comes to fighting crime.
But Cap ended up becoming the real “Murderous Piece of Trash” and a hypocrite who caused so much death and destruction in New York City before finally agreeing to surrender to Tony, rather than killing him, and answer for his “crime” of starting the whole darn war over one simple registration paper he could’ve just put his name down and call it good instead of creating a huge fuss over it. Cap ended up being temporary killed by an assassin on the front steps of the courthouse as he was being lead up the stairs to face trial for his “crimes.”
I can tell you one thing. The movie adaptation will be very much different than the original comic book adaptation and IMO much better than that Civil War II storyline where the Marvel Heroes fight each other over some dumb fortune-telling Inhuman.
Oh, BTW: If I have to choose sides, I’m siding with #TeamIronMan along with Peter and Frank. 🙂


Sherry Konkus

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