What the *&^% is @Marvel Doing to #ThePunisher!?


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How are we going to live through not seeing this show if Marvel really decides to cancel the panels and delay the show for awhile?

UPDATE as of 10/7: GOOD NEWS!! Due to major backlash from Marvel fans everywhere, the entire promotional event involving Northrop Grumman has been officially canceled.

Good. Now bring back The Punisher Show Panel!!!!
You are not going to believe what Marvel at the #NYCC2017 event is doing after they’ve just canceled out 2 Punisher panel events that was supposed to be held in both the New York Comic Con and in Paris. Get this.
Marvel is teaming up with Northrop Grumman, a manufacturing company that makes and deals with firearms, to promote (believe it or not) gun products.

To paraphrase Darth Vader, “I find Marvel’s hypocrisy disturbing.” Weren’t they supposed to cancel out the 2 Punisher panels tomorrow due to sensitive issues? Along with honoring the memory of all the victims of the Las Vegas massacre?! If they are doing all that, why are they endorsing a manufacturing company that makes guns like the ones Steven Paddock used to kill 58 people and injured 500+ more?
That’s not the worst of it. Taking the place of The Punisher panel event tomorrow is a special public interview with Stan Lee hosted by Joe Quesada which will be held at the same time and place as The Punisher panel which is at Madison Square Garden.

“Wednesday afternoon Marvel and Netflix jointly announced they were canceling its Saturday evening New York Comic Con panel dedicated to Netflix upcoming The Punisher series in response to the tragic events in Las Vegas earlier this week. Marvel, however, has stepped up to find replacement programming.
Announced Friday afternoon, a special event that took place this past spring between Marvel CEO Joe Quesada and the legendary Stan Lee will be broadcast to a large audience for the very first time as Joe Quesada Presents: My Chat with Stan Lee.”

All these 2 things is making me suspicious. First and foremost, if they are cancelling 2 The Punisher panels and delaying the showing of The Punisher on Netflix out of respect of the victims, then why are other panels promoting shows that contain gun violence, such as The Walking Dead and Blade Runner 2049, continue with their promotions and airing schedules without a hitch?
Secondly, if Marvel is cancelling out Punisher for gun sensitivity reasons, then why are they endorsing a company that manufactures guns and plans to promote the company at the NYCC event tomorrow?
And thirdly, what’s the big idea about Stan Lee’s solo interview taking place at the same time and same place as The Punisher panel? Are they going to surprise us in a huge way? Or is the interview going to be all that we will see tomorrow?
The hypocrisy is stronger here. The suspicion is far more stronger here as well. All of what Marvel is doing is begging me to ask this question: Is this their way to uniquely promote The Punisher series?
How are Jon Bernthal and the cast and crew of The Punisher feeling right now about all this? Allegedly not being able to promote the show, including The Most Sweetest Punisher Scene on Earth? What the %$#@ are they really doing with the whole Punisher series for crying out loud? I’m very suspicious about all this!
All day tomorrow I’m sticking around Twitter and Facebook to get to bottom of this ordeal and find out what’s really going on with Punisher at the NYCC.


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