Marvel Hero Elite from Hayabusa featuring The Punisher!

Although this is something Matt Murdock can use in his daily boxing training, this pair of boxing gloves shown above is right up Punisher’s alley. There’s no need for Frank Castle to bear guns to punish villains when these impressive series of boxing equipment and apparel will do the job for him just fine. Hayabusa Fight, one of the world’s best seller of boxing and MMA products, is teaming up with Marvel to create a limited edition series known as Marvel Hero Elite. A series of boxing gloves celebrating Captain America, Captain Marvel, Iron Man, and Black Panther and lots of Boxing and MMA apparel celebrating Marvel’s most deadliest anti-hero ever, The Punisher!

Long sleeve rash guard. MSR: $79.99. You can get a short sleeve version for 74 dollars.

Frank is always ready for battle. If he goes into the ring to battle against Matt, he’ll be in for one heck of a fight against the man without fear.

Each apparel is available for pre-order such as this pair of boxing shorts above. Not to mention this limited edition Ju Jitsu Gi below.

Frank knows martial arts as well as boxing. Ju Jitsu Gi MSP: $199.99

The whole series will be released sometime early this month so it won’t be long before you use your tax refund dollars to purchase this incredible series of Punisher boxing and MMA from Hayabusa to add to your Punisher collection.

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