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I’ve been reading the latest reviews about what’s going on with Secret Wars as of late and discovered that The Punisher was indeed among those who survive the Final Incursion on one of those life rafts that exist in both the Ultimate and the 616 worlds. The way I read it in the reviews, when the final incursion came, Dr. Doom took the New York City part of the 616/Ultimate worlds and patched it together to form Manhattan as part of BattleWorld. There the Marvel Heroes and Villains, under the influence of Doom, who allow all this to happen so he can test their fighting skills against each other and their doubles, found themselves confused with what they see around them. They started seeing double versions of themselves who thinks their own respective doubles are responsible for what’s happening to them and vice versa. So they started fighting each other.
Even The Ultimate version of The Punisher got confused over this mess and started blaming others for what’s going on around him. In a “Frank Goes Crazy” issue of The Ultimate End #4, Frank really went crazy and starts hunting down both heroes and villains alike ala Punisher Kills the Marvel Universe to destroy. He is the one responsible for killing the 616 version of The Punisher whom he thought was a Skrull. Apparently this is Marvel Comics’ way of cleaning up the mess they started by creating a Secret Wars tie-in where many versions of the Marvel Characters get killed and replaced by other versions of the characters who then became Secret War survivors and ultimately new inhabitants of The New Post-Secret Wars Marvel Universe, including Punisher whose comic book title has yet to be released as part of the All-New, All-Different Marvel.
With everything beginning to ravel in The Ultimate End #4, the upcoming issues of all the Secret Wars tie-ins, and Secret Wars #5, (WARNING SPOILERS!) which reveals what a compulsive liar Dr. Doom is and the fact that only Owen Reese can see through all his lies, all I can say is that I am feeling a whole lot better about Jonathan Hickman’s incredibly massive Fantastic Four storyline.


Sherry Konkus

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