Jon Bernthal Punisher photos spotted!


Straight outta Steve Dillon's art. Got a Tim Bradstreet to it.
Just released today. Photos of Jon Bernthal acting as The Punisher on the set of Daredevil Season 2. Look at how the 2 photos resemble artworks made by Steve Dillon and Tim Bradstreet. It’s awesome!
BTW, we’re going to have an uneasy and fragile alliance between Daredevil and Punisher happening in the upcoming Daredevil Season 2 series according to

“The actor playing Man Justifiably Terrified By The Punisher wrenches open the door and limps through the cabin into his chambers. After a beat, Bernthal – assault rifle in the ready position – follows. Gunfire is exchanged, and the scene ends with The Punisher standing over the man as he begs for his life. Bernthal takes out a handgun anf puts it in the man’s mouth. Lost in character, Bernthal calls the man a “c***sucker.”
And then, just as Frank is about to Castle the poor chap, in barges Charlie Cox as that do-gooding Daredevil. “GET OUTTA HERE RED!” yells Bernthal, a line which tells us that, though their methods are different, The Punisher and Daredevil have formed an alliance of sorts. What happens next – Castle leaping up and pushing Daredevil out of the room – tells us that alliance is fairly brittle.”

That’ll get your excitement all pumped up for March 25th. 🙂


Sherry Konkus

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