Interesting Mitch Gerads Concept Art for Punisher Season 2


Yesterday, I found this while I was browsing on Twitter.

Concept art for Punisher Season 2

Concept art made for Punisher Season 2

This is the official Punisher Season 2 Concept art made by James Holland showing Frank Castle wearing a new type of military uniform that looks a lot like the military suit worn by Frank during the Nathan Edmondson and Mitch Gerads’ 2014/2015 Punisher run.
Mitch Gerad's concept of Frank's military outfit.

Mitch Gerad’s concept of Frank’s military outfit drawn for Edmondson’s Punisher comic book run.

Note how very similar these 2 concepts are. I bet in Season 2, Punisher will wind up traveling to the Middle East where he will need that kind of outfit to take out the likes of Barracuda from Punisher Max comics whom Steve Lightfoot wants to see appear in Punisher Season 2 along with Punisher’s would-be soulmate, Kathy O’Brien.
UPDATE: Here’s a different version of the concept art which shows Frank’s machine gun strapped to his body.
Different concept art with a machine gun strapped to Punisher's body.

Different concept art with a machine gun strapped to Punisher’s body.


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