It's Harp Story Time! C.O.P.S. The Case of the Fiddling Fool!


C.O.P.S. 80s' Cartoon show

This is C.O.P.S. the animated TV show. To know more about this classic 80s’ cartoon show see this Wiki article. Now on with the harp story.

The Case of The Fiddling Fool

C.O.P.S File #86022 – It began when Berserko, Turbo Tu-tone, Ms. Demeanor, and Rock Krusher broke into the Melody Tunes Music Store and stole a rare Stradivarius violin worth a fortune. The Big Boss have decided to pursue a hobby of playing the violin. But an unfortunate breakage of the violin strings prompts his careless nephew Berserko, the one responsible for the breakage, to go after another stringed musical instrument, an instrument that I, Bulletproof Vess wants to “harp” on. Here’s how the caper came down.
LongArm: “What did they took from here?”
The Proprietor: “Only one thing – a super rare Stradivarius violin believed to be one of the very first violins Stradivarius ever made. It’s supposed to be on display over there by the cashier’s desk. *pointing to the empty shelf on the wall there the violin once stood* But now it’s gone and I have a sinking feeling I won’t be able to see it again because of its highly appraised value.”
LongArm: “What’s it worth?”
The Proprietor: “$15,000,000”
LongArm: *whistles*
Hardtop: “Now that’s a lot of financing fuel.”
Bulletproof: “Describe the 4 suspects for us, sir.”
The Proprietor: “One of them, a lady, has a face that looks like a witch. She has blond hair, wore a red dress, and blue-eyed makeup on her eyelids. I was very frightened by the way she ripped that door open with her bare hands. She tore that door apart as if it was made out of cardboard paper! The other 3 crooks are men who are just as powerful as the lady herself. One wore a blue outdated coat, the other was in a very smelly prison uniform, and the third wore a pink shirt with a pair of suspenders holding his strange white bulgy pants up. He had huge handle-bar like mustache and small beard on his face. The second one had really short blond hair and the most wickedest smile I ever saw. And finally the third one had a bald head. All of them were carrying guns. They all barged in with their guns pointed to my face and demanded the violin on the shelf. I had no choice but to give them the violin or else I’ll get blasted.”
LongArm: “Did they took anything else?”
The Proprietor: “No, just the violin. Except for this bow that goes along with the violin. I found it on the ground right by the roadside. They must have dropped it as they were making a getaway with the instrument.”
Hardtop: “Don’t worry, sir. We’ll race that violin back to you and zoom those crooks to prison before you can say ‘Gentlemen, start your engines!'”
Bulletproof: “Thank you for your cooperation, sir. We’ll get right on it.”
LongArm: “I bet I know who’s behind the violin burglary.”
Hardtop: “Yeah. And they all have the names ‘Berserko, Ms.Demeanor, Turbo Tu-Tone, and Rock Krusher’ written all over their faces.”
LongArm: “And ‘Big Boss,’ too.”
Meanwhile, at the penthouse of notorious crime leader, Brandon “The Big Boss” Babel.
Big Boss: “(mahh) Such a rare instrument you guys have heisted. Where’d you get it?”
Turbo Tu-Tone: “At that one Melodies Tune Music Store, boss.  The store manager claims it’s one of the first violins that one Stradivarius dude built years ago.”
Ms. Demeanor: “You mean the great Antonio Stradivari, Turbo. The man who flawlessly made such beautiful long-lasting violins like this one.”
Turbo Tu-Tone: “Whatever.”
Berserko: “Can I play it, Uncle Big Boss? Huh? Can I play it, please, Uncle Big Boss?
Big Boss: “No!”
Berserko: “Awwww Come on! Pretty pleeeeeeeease?”
Big Boss: “No, you can’t, Berserko! None of yer dirty hands touches this here clean, shiny instrument and get it all mucked up. Besides, it’s not for you or anyone else to play this here violin but me. Only I get to play the violin. Especially whenever I wanna take my mind off of those darn C.O.P.S.’ and their meddling in my criminal business. *turning to Buttons McBoomBoom, his personal bodyguard* (mahh) And you, McBoomBoom, are gonna give me some violin lessons so I can play this thing like an angel.”
Buttons McBoomBoom: “No sweat, boss. Except there’s only one problem.”
Big Boss: “Meeah, what’s that?”
Buttons: “Where’s the bow?”
Big Boss: “The bow? Why it’s ahh..*looking about* it’s… aaahhh… it should be here along with the violin. How come I don’t see..? *realizing the violin bow is missing* All right, you crooks! Where is it?”
Krusher: “Uhh, where’s what, boss?”
Big Boss: “The bow, you bald-headed boob! The bow I need to rub across the strings and make the violin sing?!”
Berserko: “Oh! That bow! Well it just so happens that I got it right here! *reaching into his coat and and pant pockets* Uhh, at least it’s right here… I think. *looking about* Uh guys, have you seen the bow around here?”
Ms. Demeanor: “You just had it, Berserko. You’re the one who had that bow in your hand when we ran out of the store, remember?”
Berserko: “Yeah, I did. Or so I… I…*realizing that he lost the bow*..aye yi yi yi yi yi.”
Turbo: “Don’t tell me you lost it, Berserko!”
Berserko: “Aye yi yi yi..”
Big Boss: *muttering* “(mahhhh) Of all the stinkin’ lowdown…
“WHAM!” goes the Big Boss’ iron fist on the desktop surface.
Scratch: “REOOOWWW!” *flies in the air and lands on Big Boss’ head*
In a flash, the crooks are out the door and into the streets, heading for the same area they came from when they robbed the Melody Tunes Music Store a half in hour ago.
Big Boss: *grabs Scratch off his head to pet him* “(sigh) Just be thankful, Scratch, you don’t have to hear my version of ‘Skullbashin’ by The Stranglers performed on all of my knuckleheads if I ever find them doing somethin’ right for a change.”
*To be continued…


Sherry Konkus

Sherry Konkus lives in Owosso, MI. She is the proud owner of the Camac Athena EX Concert Grand Harp named "Grover" and Camac Mademoiselle named "Ernie." She's also the proud author of The Punisher Harp Zone. Sherry is the one who came up with the idea of portraying The Punisher from Marvel Comics as the punishing harpist who plays the harp in memory of his family who was killed by the mob years ago.