The Harp Chase.

The Mighty Beanz Punisher moving his harp into the HotWheels Battle Van.

When Frank has to move his harp, he normally uses an SUV to move his harp to another place. Despite what is seen in the photos, Frank wouldn’t be using his Battle Van to move his harp around because the Battle Van is used only for war against the criminal underworld. It’s armed to the teeth with state of the art technology and sophisticated weaponry all needed to send criminals to the nearest morgue. It is not meant to carry Frank’s harps unless WarHarp is needed for guerrilla warfare and hunting missions in Savage Land or the African Congo.  

One day, a car thief from Hell’s Kitchen tried to steal Frank’s SUV which has The Punisher’s gold harp inside of it. Frank has decided to stop at a party store to get some coffee on his way to a place where he can play music in peace. As he was getting his coffee poured, that lowlife scum managed to sneak on over and hotwire the SUV, climb right inside and took off with Frank’s harp nestled inside the back of the SUV just as Frank was bringing his cup of coffee to the checkout counter.

Alarmed at the sight of his SUV pulling out of the party store parking lot with his harp in the back and the thief at the wheel, Frank leaves his coffee behind and ran out of the store. He used his remote-controlled watch to summon his Battle Van. The Van showed up within seconds and Punisher was in the driver’s seat in a flash ready to track down the thief and make him face the ultimate punishment for stealing his harp and the SUV.

The Battle van’s radar picked up the SUV heading down Main Street towards a section of the neighborhood Frank is very much familiar with– Hell’s Kitchen, home of Matt Murdock (aka Daredevil). A blind lawyer by day, a devil of a vigilante by night. Matt is just leaving The Church of St. Mary after attending a mass when his ears picked up the sound of a certain van chasing an SUV down the street from several blocks down from where he’s at. He senses that both vehicles are heading towards a slum area located not far away from the church.

Quickly, Matt speeds toward an empty alleyway where a suitcase lies hidden behind a dumpster. In it was Matt’s special costume which he puts on to change himself into The Man Without Fear– Daredevil. Then he pauses to listen for the sounds the vehicles are making as they near the area where Matt is at.

At once Matt recognizes the sound of the van behind the SUV as the sound of The Punisher’s battle van chasing down the SUV. Sensing that the person driving the SUV is in danger of being killed by Punisher, Matt quickly springs into action. He runs through the alley, climbs up a fire escape, and leaps onto the rooftop of a building and listens for the vehicles as they got louder and louder, indicating to him that the vehicles are heading his way.

And here they come just around the corner! Matt quickly makes ready to make a big leap onto the first vehicle. When the timing is right, he jumps! Matt lands successfully on top of the SUV with a thud, startling the driver. 

Thief: “What the heck that?”

Daredevil bends down to show his face to the thief in front of the driver’s windshield.

Thief: “Gasp! Are you–!?”

Matt: “Stop this vehicle! Now!”

Instantly the thief slammed down the breaks and brought the SUV to a screeching halt.

Matt: “Listen to me. You must get out of the vehicle and run for your life, fast. A terrorist who calls himself The Punisher is right behind you. And he is determined to kill you with an arsenal planted on his Battle-style vehicle.”

The thief looks at the rearview mirror and sees The Punisher and his Battle Van coming towards him. He gasps as his face suddenly freezes in terror.

Thief: “Oh–!”

And just like that the thief got out of the vehicle and ran as fast as he can, disappearing into a dark alley and out of sight.

Frank: *rages* DOGGONE IT, MURDOCK!!!!

With that remark, Frank slammed on the brakes and jumped out of the Battle Van to confront Daredevil.

Frank: “That was my target for punishment, you pathetic half-measure!!”

Frank charged at Matt with 2 his Uzis in hand blazing out a barrage of bullets which Matt skillfully dodge. Then Matt jumps up and kicks Frank to the ground, forcing him to let go of his Uzis. Frank gets up and throws a punch, but Matt dodges his hard fist and rams his own hard fist into Frank’s face, sending the vigilante flying into the Battle van and crashing into the van’s computer controls. Matt walks over to see if he’s all right.

Matt: *helping Frank up from the floor of the van* “He’s one less target for you to punish now, Frank. Why were you chasing him?”

Frank: *a little dazed* He stole my SUV with my harp inside! I was buying coffee when he sneaked over, crawled in, and took off with my harp lying in the back.

Matt got down from the Battle Van and heads to the SUV. He opens the back door to the SUV and finds Frank’s harp nestled safe and sound.

Matt:  “Well, your harp is safe, Frank. You can have it back now.”

Frank:  “Good.”

Matt:  “Provided you leave the thief alone and don’t do any more killing from now on.”

Frank:  “Do I have a choice?”

Matt:  “Well, it’s either that or I will have your harp confiscated by the local authorities and you won’t get it back at all no matter how much firepower you have on your Battle Van.”

Frank:  “All right. All right. You win. You win, Red. Let me have my harp back.”

Matt:  “Here you go.”

With that Matt steps aside and Frank goes to see his harp.

“Keep your harp practice up, Frank. You’re doing great making Heavenly Music on your instrument.” Matt says as he leaves the scene to go put away his Daredevil costume and resume his role as the blind lawyer and Attorney at Law, Matthew Murdock.

Frank checks his harp and found it to be a-OK. Feeling better about getting his harp back, Frank decides to let the thief go for now. He climbs into his SUV and revs it up. Then he set his Battle Van on Auto-pilot and programs it to follow him back to his warehouse hideout for some harp music and sleep.


Sherry Konkus

Sherry Konkus lives in Owosso, MI. She is the proud owner of the Camac Athena EX Concert Grand Harp named "Grover" and Camac Mademoiselle named "Ernie." She's also the proud author of The Punisher Harp Zone. Sherry is the one who came up with the idea of portraying The Punisher from Marvel Comics as the punishing harpist who plays the harp in memory of his family who was killed by the mob years ago.