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Grover’s Easter Egg, Created by PC Woody [UPDATED. Scroll down to end of article for details].

In the previous post, I said that Grover was finally fixed. Well unfortunately, I spoke too soon. I ended up erasing all the hearts I drew because I messed up on spreading the oil-based poly on the hearts to where they looked crinkly and awful. The hearts were smearing, drawn much too close to each other, and the outlines were not as smooth as I thought. Believe me, I was NOT a happy camper. I ended up with a much worse scar than I ever had since the guys from a wood repair shop brought him him after making some repairs last year. I was very upset, bawling crying, on the verge of losing it. But then I discovered a special epoxy paste that proved to be a massively huge help in covering up all my scars without bulging out of the scarred area of the left soundboard.

Introducing PC Woody! A special wood paste that acts as a strong bond that repairs wood and cover up damaged scars.

This is a lifesaver for my harp! A special wood paste that did wonders to help fix Grover’s damaged scar caused by an accidental drop of the Dusty Strings universal tuning key.

PC Woody is terrific! An awesome wood paste I highly recommended to anyone who wants to have a much better type of epoxy wood filler that doesn’t involve pulling a piece from a log and kneading it all up to make it work in a very short time.

PC Woody is made by The Protective Coating Company which makes other types of great products for home repairs, too. They make caulking, glues, and welding supplies. But the PC Woody is their best seller. Voted as the Top Rated Wood Filler of 2020, PC Woody is Grover’s true problem solver that helped immensely to resolve all of Grover’s soundboard issues.

Now the staining and the painting part was a real challenge. Of all the years I drew pictures, I was never really good at shading, let alone figuring out the right type of colors to blend in to match the color of any type of background. I had a very hard time trying to match Grover’s true finish perfectly and PC Woody is said to be very poor in taking in any kind of stain whether in liquid form of gel form. I tried to use the gel stain on the epoxy patch and at the same time carefully minimizing the damage on the soundboard’s decal (all while trying to control my temper!) only for it to have a small pointed part of the leaf underneath the patch get chipped off while wiping off stain, glue, and paint messes in and around the patch. My bad.

However, the PC Woody can take in paint perfectly. So I resorted to try to paint something on Grover to completely covered the flaw, using a set of oil-based Sharpie Paint Markers that worked better than all other brands of paint markers I tried to cover up Grover’s flaws. But instead of drawing hearts, I drew an Easter Egg, something special I just thought of doing when I woke up this morning.

Grover's Easter Egg.
Grover’s Easter Egg

Easter is admittedly way out of season since this is Christmas Time, not Easter. But since I made the epoxy patch in a shape of an egg, I’m like, “Why not give myself a try and make the epoxy patch into an Easter Egg?” So I took a set of oil-based Sharpie Paint markers with fine points and created the Easter Egg using gold, red, black, white (becoming light grayish silver when mixed together), and blue.

I drew the egg to sit on a patch of gold colored grass to simulate the end of winter and the coming of spring. I also added wings to the smaller mark that the repair crew have made to try to cover up the deep dent that was made when the screw part of the universal tuning key landed on the spot after I accidentally dropped it while starting to replace the 5th Octave A string. I did it to simulate a butterfly that just landed on the decal to welcome the arrival of spring.

The results are 10 times BETTER than the hearts I drew before and are drawn very neatly and clear. No splotching, no smears, no bull! I could never be so happy and satisfied than what I’m feeling right now after spending a year and 5 months in misery, struggling to fix a cosmetic issue that should’ve never happened if I either never bothered to replace the worn out strings on the harp or use a much harp friendlier tuning key. I used a universal tuning key when I used to rent a pedal harp long before I got Grover and kept it ever since. I used the key to tune the strings and had no problems with it until Grover and I had the unpleasant experience of having the key slipped from my hand and dropped onto the left soundboard, creating two unpleasant dings and started this whole bleepin’ mess.

Now a year and 5 months later, Grover at long last is finally as good as new and I can go back to playing and enjoying the harp again. Thanks, PC Woody!

Happy E– Oh! I mean Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!

Updated as of 12/16/2020 Assuming the paint was dry after allowing it to dry for up to 24 hours, I tried sealing the egg and the butterfly with some special sealing spray to protect them only to unwittingly create a runny mess so badly that I had to clean it up with rubbing alcohol and fingernail remover and start all over. The results are much neater, cleaner and it better stay that way!

Sherry Konkus lives in Owosso, MI. She is the proud owner of the Camac Athena EX Concert Grand Harp named "Grover" and Camac Mademoiselle named "Ernie." She's also the proud author of The Punisher Harp Zone. Sherry is the one who came up with the idea of portraying The Punisher from Marvel Comics as the punishing harpist who plays the harp in memory of his family who was killed by the mob years ago.

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