A Cosmic Ghost Riding Punisher from an Alternative Marvel Universe


You gotta be kidding me.

This is why I hereby disregard all Punisher incarnates (with some exceptions) and focus all of my Punisher love for Jon Bernthal’s version of Frank!
Thankfully, this is an alternative version of Frank Castle we’re dealing with, not the same as the mainstream version that dons the War Machine armor for an explosive mission to take out a Middle Eastern regime.
In today’s Thanos #15 comic, we see a younger version of Thanos, the greatest enemy of The Avengers and The Guardians of the Galaxy, visiting the space palace of the older future version of himself where he keeps a chained up elderly Hulk and has an insane, galactic version of Ghost Rider who claims to be Frank Castle working for him.

You? Frank Castle?! PFFFFFFT!!!

That’s not all. Next month in Thanos #16, we will find out just how Frank became the cosmic version of Ghose Rider and end up serving Thanos.
Coming up in Thanos #16

Do we have to find out how he becomes the Cosmic Spirit of Vengeance next month?

There are in fact artworks out there showing Punisher/Ghost Rider mashups such as this epic one by BossLogic. This begs the question:
Punisher/Ghost Rider Mash-Up Art by BossLogic

Epic Punisher/Ghost Rider Mash-Up by BossLogic

Should I make a Punisher Harp Art that has Ghost Riding Punisher play the harp just like I did with War Machine Punisher? If it involves the Cosmic Ghost Riding Punisher as seen in today’s Thanos comic, I think I’ll pass. Otherwise, I’ll make a Punisher Harp Art with the Frank/Johnny Blaze mashup as I would love him to be drawn as without any affiliations at all. He works best alone, not with other people.


Sherry Konkus

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