Ghost Recon: The Origin of a Wolf

This is Jon Bernthal related – Just released from Ubisoft is a special Bernthal-centric trailer promo for the upcoming video game Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: BreakPoint where the origins of Colt Walker (Jon Bernthal aka The Punisher), former ally turned villain is played out. Admittedly I liken the first part of the trailer to seeing Frank Castle fighting in Afghanistan a few years before he witness his family’s murder and become The Punisher.

But here in the trailer below, this is not Punisher fighting in Afghanistan. It’s Colt Walker fighting a battle only to become severely injured on the ground. He ultimately survives and eventually become the villainous leader of the Wolves, former Ghosts who have taken over the Aurora Islands and the possession of Skell Technology.

If Punisher finds himself in the world of Ghost Recon he would’ve team up with the Ghosts and destroy the Wolves in a heartbeat.