A Gallery of Punisher photos from a Jon Bernthal Source.


This guy is coming to punish in November.

This guy is coming to punish in November.

August 11th next month, Spider-man (Tom Holland) and Punisher (Jon Bernthal) will dress up as Irish Monks and embark on a quest to deliver a sacred object to Rome. This will occur a little over a month after Spidey teams up with Tony Stark (aka Iron Man) to stop a gaggle of villains from destroying the city which will happen on July 7th when Spider-man Homecoming opens up in theaters nationwide. Punisher still has yet to bring more Punishment to New York when his own show premieres on Netflix in November.
Now I know you are getting restless and impatient, waiting for Netflix’s first official trailer to The Punisher. So am I. Can’t wait. To build more excitement, let me bring your attention to a Jon Bernthal fan site called Jon Bernthal Source. It contains a whole gallery of photos taken of The Punisher who is spotted in many different places and situations worldwide. Among them are a collection of photos taken on the sets of all sorts of films like Baby Driver, The Walking Dead, Shot Caller, The Accountant, Daredevil Season 2, Pilgrimage, and above all The Punisher which this page has a gallery of photos taken Jon Bernthal acting out on the set of The Punisher. Check it out.


Sherry Konkus

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