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Looks like Frank's going out on a Road Trip Next Year.

Punisher's Battle Van.
The latest interview with Becky Cloonan, the author behind DC Comics’ Gotham Academy, and Steve Dillon, the veteran Punisher artist, about the team’s upcoming new Punisher run set to be released early 2016, has now been released by Marvel.com. In the interview, we find that Frank is setting out on a Northeastern road trip to find the source behind the incredibly unstable version of the Super Soldier Serum and destroy it. Where it leads to may not be what he has in mind.

Marvel.com: In the previous Punisher series we saw Frank Castle set up shop in Los Angeles, and now it sounds like he’s headed back to the East Coast. Where exactly will this latest adventure take The Punisher, and what draws him back east?
Becky Cloonan: The first issue will see Punisher back in New York City, a place I lived for 14 years, so I’m pretty excited to spend some more time there. It doesn’t last long, however, and soon Frank finds himself following a lead on a new and dangerous synthetic drug hitting the streets. He takes the show—and a bunch of guns!—on a blood-soaked road trip through the Northeast to a place I don’t think even he will see coming.

Read more about the interview here.

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