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Frank to battle Monsters of Norse Mythology in The War of the Realms.

Cover variant to Punisher WotR limited tie-in series by
Juan Ferreyra.

Honest confession: when it comes to Punisher stories, I prefer Punisher stories that take place in reality-based worlds such as in Punisher Max and Marvel’s The Punisher TV Show where no superpowered magical beings, fanciful monsters and beasts, and fantasy, fairy-tale style realms exist like what you see in He-Man and the Masters of the Universe and She-Ra, Princess of Power.

Admittedly, I don’t like seeing Frank in fantasy worlds where unicorns exist along with winged horses, mythical monsters, portals opening up to magical worlds, gods, dwarfs, elves, stuff that stinkin’ Deadpool enjoys being in. After all, Wade loves riding unicorns and colorful winged horses over the rainbow in many fantasy worlds in his head or in the many worlds that dotted the Marvel Universe in the comics.

To me, I find it overwhelming and at times way too much for me to see Frank get stuck in a multiverse that’s immersed in way too much fantasy just like the 2015 Secret Wars story arc from 4 years ago. Thankfully, in a lot of ways, this upcoming major Marvel event won’t be like the massive planet-colliding Fantastic Four-centric event.

Cover to Punisher #1 WotR tie-in by
Juan Ferreyra

In next month’s upcoming major Thor storyline, The War of the Realms, Frank is going to find himself wallowing in Norse mythology as he helps the Marvel Heroes save the main Marvel Earth from an approaching army of monsters and villains lead by the evil dark elf Malekith the Accursed who plans to conquer all of the mythological worlds of Norse Mythology and enslaved all of its inhabitants.

First Frank will end up battling armies of Norse mythological monsters invading New York City in a 3 part special Punisher comic tie-in. Then he teams up with many Marvel Heroes and Norse deities to find Thor Odinson, the god of thunder, the son of Odin, and a member of the Avengers, who for some reason went missing at a very bad time.

All the Marvel heroes must race against time to find the lost Avenger and get his help to stop Malekith from conquering the final realm (Midgard aka Earth) after the arch villain of Thor managed to conquered all the 9 realms in Norse Mythology saving Midgard (aka Earth), the 10th and final realm for last. Thor is the only Marvel hero who can stop Malekith from conquering all of the 10 realms of Norse Mythology.

As shown in the image above, The War of the Realms promo shows all sorts of fanciful imagery of mythical and fantasy creatures and humans that only exist alongside the super-powered heroes in The Marvel Universe. And Frank (near the bottom left), being the only Marvel Hero without any powers, is caught right in the middle of it.

At lease the storyline won’t affect the ongoing solo Punisher series written by Matthew Rosenberg where we see Frank ending up being captured and taken to Bagalia, the rogue nation of Hydra villains, where he ends up a prisoner of Hydra for many months until he found a way to escape and start a major warpath to bring Bagalia and all of Hydra to its watery grave.

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