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The official premiere date to The Punisher has not been released yet. And a whole lot of people are getting tired of having to wait for the day the official release date will finally be revealed, which is understandable. I’m a lot like you guys, I’m getting tired of waiting for the premiere date to be revealed. But we must be patient and wait just a little bit longer. The premiere date will be revealed soon, real soon. I hope by the time Halloween comes, we all have the official release date out and entirely known.
In the meantime, the December edition of SFX Magazine has the first of many reviews out for The Punisher and it’s totally fantastic! It’s a bit cautious on issues involving gun violence and contain a little bit of spoilers. Keep that in mind when you read the article below. Nevertheless, this review is the first of many 5-star reviews that highly praises the show and expresses its amazement at Jon Bernthal’s Emmy award-worthy performance as Frank Castle, The Punisher.

First Punisher review scanned from SFX Magazine.
First Punisher review scanned from SFX Magazine.

High quality version of The Punisher article.
High quality version of The Punisher article from SFX Magazine.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Rotten Tomatoes gives the show a high fresh 100% rating for the show. In spite of the blood, the violence, the gun fights, and bodies falling left and right that will be shown in the show, The Punisher, without a doubt, is going to kick some serious arse!

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