More Epic Quotes of The Punisher from Daredevil Season 2


"You're only one bad day away from being me.

Here’s a list of more Punisher quotes coming from Daredevil Season 2.

“You people, you call me the Punisher, ain’t that right? The big bad Punisher. Well, here I am! You want it, you got it! I am the Punisher! I am The Punisher! I am The Punisher! I’m right here! You want it, I’ll give it to you. And anybody who came here today to hear me whine, to hear me beg? Well, you can kiss my a–!”
“They all think that you’re a monster, but I know that you’re not” -Karen Page
“We don’t get to pick the things that fix us, Red. Make us whole. Make us feel purpose. My moment of clarity came from the strangest of places.”
“Ma’am, can I ask you, do you guys always sell b——-, or is that just her, huh?”
“Sounds like a party.”
“You cross over to my side of the line.. you don’t get to come back from that. Not ever.”
“Look around, Red. This city, it stinks. It’s a sewer. It stinks and it smells like s— and I can’t get the stink out of my nose. I think that this world, it needs men that are willing to make the hard call.”
“See you around, Red.”


Sherry Konkus

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