Epic Quotes from The Punisher!


Punisher straight out of the Trailer.

Straight out of the trailer!

Daredevil: “Why are you doing this?
Frank: “Cause I think you’re a half measure. I think you’re a man that can’t finish the job. I think that you’re a coward. You know, you’re one bad day away from being me.”

You hit ’em, and they get back up. I hit ’em, and they stay down.” –Frank


Sherry Konkus

Sherry Konkus lives in Owosso, MI. She is the proud owner of the Camac Athena EX Concert Grand Harp named "Grover" and Camac Mademoiselle named "Ernie." She's also the proud author of The Punisher Harp Zone. Sherry is the one who came up with the idea of portraying The Punisher from Marvel Comics as the punishing harpist who plays the harp in memory of his family who was killed by the mob years ago.