Disney to break away from Netflix and start its own steaming service

The Official logo of Netflix's The Punisher.

The Official logo of Netflix’s The Punisher.

Disney is breaking away from #Netflix to launch its own streaming service in 2019. This will likely affect all popular Marvel/Netflix shows like #Daredevil and Luke Cage which are streaming right now on Netflix while the Defenders and #ThePunisher are both scheduled to be airing real soon.
But that’s not all. This part of the article from News-a-rama caught my attention the moment I set eyes on it.
“The Defenders is scheduled to debut on August 18, and Marvel and Netflix have already jointly-announced new seasons for all four solo shows, as well as The Punisher, that would stretch out well into 2018 and even 2019.”
I take it Season One of The Punisher has already the makings of an Emmy Award winning blockbuster show even though it hasn’t premiered on Netflix yet. Still it’s big news to see that Punisher will get more seasons than just the first one.
Now how cool is that?
UPDATE: Glad to see that while all other Disney shows are being relocated, the original Marvel/Netflix shows are going to stay put.

Sherry Konkus

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