Could this be Marvel's The Punisher's version of The Russian Frank will battle against soon?

Robbie DeRaffele, the 7-foot tall actor who will appear in Season 2 of Marvel’s The Punisher as a potential Punisher villain, has just released a teaser video on Instagram that teases the coming of Vor, a very well known Punisher villain who’s also known as The Russian!

“Im the nightmare you had, and woke up in.” #thepunisher #marvel #repost #therussianspotted #therussian #netflix @jon.bernth_all @jonnybernthalfans @jonbernthal_fanpage @jonbernthalchina @jon_bernthal @punisherhq #punisherhq

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Is Vor the actual name of The Russian? As we, Punisher fans, all know, The Russian is a hired henchman of Ma Gnucci who was sent by her to destroy Frank in the definitive Welcome Back, Frank comic storyline.
In the 2004 film starring Thomas Jane, Punisher ends up battling The Russian who never spoke throughout the scene, unlike the comic book version.

We all know what happened to him in both the comics and in the film. But can his MCU counterpart meet the same fate as his other two counterparts? Or will he face a different fate when he goes up against Jon Bernthal’s definitive version of Frank Castle in Punisher Season 2 when it premieres on Netflix sometime early next year?


Sherry Konkus

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