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    Marvel Comics,  Punisher Comics

    Punisher Sighted on The War of the Realms Variant cover

    Yesterday, Adventures in Poor Taste posted previews of the first X-Men: War of the Realms Tie-In issue which will be available this coming Wednesday. And look who’s on Whilce Portacio’s variant cover art of the X-men tie-in shown below — Frank Castle! Frank Castle (aka The Punisher), who’s among the most prominent characters in the WotR storyline, is shown here with two more characters I don’t know anything about. But I do know just how much I love Portacio’s portrayal of The Punisher here in this variant cover art where he modeled The Punisher after Dolph Lundgren, the first Punisher actor. TBH, this is the first time I ever was…

  • A new war awaits the harpist with the chested skull and the gun!
    Marvel Comics,  Punisher Comics

    Punisher: Kill Krew to debut in July.

    Coming in July – Punisher: Kill Krew! A new 5 part Punisher story line to debut in July right after the events of The War of the Realms storyline concludes in June. Written by Matthew Rosenberg and illustrated by Juan Ferreyra, Punisher Kill Krew will have Frank travel through all of the 10 realms of Norse Mythology destroying all the remaining monsters that are still left after Malekith and his minions are defeated at the end of the storyline. This major Punisher announcement was confirmed on the latest episode of Marvel’s Pull List Podcast where Marvel’s own Ryan Penagos only describes the synopsis as “One man, ten realms, total war.”…