C.O.P.S. Berserko broke the strings!


This is the penthouse of The Big Boss which also serve as the Crooks’ headquarters.

With sirens screaming in the air, Hardtop and LongArm relentlessly pursue the crooks along the highway. The chase immediately got very intense as the Crooks tries desperately to elude the C.O.P.S. as they zoom down the road, crashing cars along the way. Huge pile-ups littered the roads but that doesn’t stop Hardtop from skillfully pivoting the car around the pile-ups while keeping himself and LongArm in sight of the 4 crooks. But suddenly, a large truck carrying a long oversize load came out of nowhere and pull out in front of the C.O.P.S.
LongArm: “Gasp! Watch out!”
Hardtop: “Whoa!!”
Instantly, Hardtop slam on the brakes and made a u-turn to bring the police car to a screeching halt right next to the truck as it slowly passes by. Thus, preventing a huge accidental collision.
Krusher: *looking in the rear-view mirror* Ha Ha Ha! That truck’ll hold them off for awhile.”
Ms Demeanor:*looking back* My, my, my that’s the longest truckload I ever seen.”
Berserko: “Yeah. With that kind of a slowpoke truck those C.O.P.S. ‘r gonna be in for a loooooooooooooooooooooooooong wait.”
The crooks let out a huge explosion of laughter as they drove away with the violin bow in hand and head back to the penthouse to complete the Big Boss’ stolen violin set and help the kingpin with his first violin lessons from Buttons McBoomBoom.
Hardtop: “Shoot! We lost them! Now what?”
LongArm: “Drag our keisters back to the precinct and figure out where the crooks are at and why’d they stole the violin in the first place.”
Hardtop: “I have a feeling Big Boss wants that violin so he can learn how to become a violinist himself.”
LongArm: “And a crooked one at that, too.”
The crooks went back to the penthouse to proudly present the bow to Big Boss only to find him missing. Squeeky Kleen, Big boss’ personal yes-man, is there to greet them.
Krusher: “Hey, Squeeky. Where’d the Big Boss go?”
Squeeky Kleen: “He’s using the bathroom. He’ll be back in a minute. Did you find the bow he wanted?”
Turbo: “Right here. *puts the bow on the desk next to the violin* Now the Boss can play Mozart whenever he wants.”
Berserko: “Here, let me try playing that thing.”
Squeeky: “No, Berserko. The boss says only he can play it.”
Berserko: “Who cares! I’m his nephew and I can do whatever I want *grabs the violin and the bow* like becoming the greatest violin player in all of Empire City!”
With that Berserko puts the bow to the strings and…
Skreeeeeeeeee eeeeee eeeeeeee eeeeetch skreeeeee skreeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeetch skreeeeee skreeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeetch!!!
The violin playing is so bad that The crooks hold their ears to drown out the screeching noise of the violin.
Skreeeeee skreeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeetch!!!
Squeeky: “OOOOOhhhh! My ears!”
skreeeee eeeeee eeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeee skreeeeeeeee!!!!
Suddenly! “SNAP! SNAP! SNAP! SNAP!” goes all the strings of the violin!!
Berserko: “Ooooops!!”
Ms. Demeanor: “Berserko, you nincompoop! Look what you’ve done to the violin!”
Berserko: “Well at least I’ve tried being the world’s greatest violin player.”
Turbo: “More like the world’s greatest idiot if you asked me. Gimme that! *swipes the violin and bow from Berserko* That violin’s worth 15,000,000 dollars! If the boss finds out what you did, you’re gonna end up pushing daisies up in a lowly graveyard by the time the day’s done.”
Krusher: “And He will, too. He won’t care if you’re his nephew or–”
Squeeky, hearing heavy footsteps coming, suddenly puts his hand over Krusher’s mouth.
Squeeky: *whispering loudly* “Quiet, you guys. The Boss is coming.”
And sure enough, through the double doors of the penthouse office came the big man himself.

Brandon Babel aka The Big Boss!

Big Boss: “(Mahh) Well, well, well! I see you all came back with the bow hopefully.”
Ms Demeanor: “*Ahem* Yes, we did, Big Boss.”
Turbo: And here is the bow to your precious fiddle. *hands the bow over to Big Boss*
Big Boss: *receives the bow* “Ah. That’s more like it! (Mahh) Now I can start practicing my violin and..”
Suddenly, Berserko snatches the violin from Turbo’s hand and speeds out of the room.
Turbo: “Hey!”
Big Boss: “What duh?”
Krusher: *runs toward the double doors* “Hey! Where ya going with that thing? Come back here with that violin!”
Big Boss: “(ahh) What’s going on here? What’s with that idiotic nephew of mine? And why does he have my violin?”
Krusher: “Uhhhh.. He’s just..uhhh. going out to… uhhh..”
Ms. Demeanor: “He’s just going out to get some music for the violin, Big Boss.”
Krusher: “Yeah that’s it! He’s just went out to get some music books for you.”
Big Boss: “But I just sent McBoomBoom out to heist some music books from Fiddlin’ Fancy Violin Place uptown from here.”
Ms. Demeanor: “Well, he could use our help choosing the best music there is to offer at that store.  Care to join me in catching up with Berserko and help Buttons with the music store heist, Rock Krusher?”
Krusher: “Ok, Ma’am.”
With that, the 2 crooks left the room to catch up with Berserko who’s heading right back out to get some violin strings to repair the violin he carelessly broke.
Big Boss: “(mahhh) I’m very suspicious. Turbo, Squeeky, did Berserko played with my violin after I told everyone not to?”
Squeeky: “Well..”
Big Boss: “ANSWER ME!”
Turbo: “A-y-y-y-y-y-y-yes- er, I-I-I mean no, Boss. He was only touching it to..uh, uh..find that it was all… all….”
Big Boss:*getting mad* You two have 20 seconds to tell me the truth before I–”
Turbo: “Berserko got his hands on the violin! He tried to play it but he carelessly broke all of the strings on the violin!”
Big Boss: “WHAT!!”
Squeeky: “You heard him, Big Boss. Regardless of what you told us, Berserko took the violin and played on it, only to brake all 4 of its strings. I tried to stop him, but it was no use. He took that thing and played it horribly. The next thing we knew, Berserko broke all violin strings which is why he swipe the violin and bolted out the doors just after you came in and ask about the bow. He’s likely heading out on the streets to find some new strings to replace the ones that he just broke.”
Big Boss: “Ohh, of all the dirty, blatant stupidity I had to put up–”
“WHAM!” goes his iron fist on the desk.
With that, he slumps down on his chair and starts sulking. Squeeky takes out a large baby pacifier.
Squeeky: “Care for your “binky,” Big Boss?”
Big Boss: “Waah!”
*to be continued*