Bruce Wayne and the Central Park Tragedy


Crime Alley, where it all began as Bruce Wayne mouns the deaths of his parents who were killed by Joe Chill..Young Bruce Wayne, 10 years old, is still reeling over the tragic loss of his parents, Thomas and Martha Wayne, who were both murdered by a petty crook named Joe Chill 2 years ago. Alfred knows what he’s going through. He, too, feels the sting of losing two people he deeply cared about and share in Bruce’s sorrow. One day Alfred and Bruce decided to take a vacation. They left Gotham City and headed to New York City where they visited many museums, attended Broadway shows and concerts, and dine at famous restaurants. Then they went to spend a day at Central Park. But as they were strolling through the park admiring its natural beauty, suddenly gunshots rang out! Bruce and Alfred quickly got down to the ground. More shots rang out. The people around them were either running in panic or getting down to avoid being shot.
As Bruce and Alfred look on, a group of armed men ran from what appears to be an open area of the park. The two waited until the men are gone before cautiously getting up to survey the surroundings. Then a lone, loud cry coming from a man rose up like a howling wolf in the moonlit night. This tells Bruce and Alfred that something extremely bad has happened. Both raced to the source of the cry and saw, much to their horror, a man weeping and wailing loudly as he embraces a woman, who was his wife, and two children, a young boy and a older girl, who are now dead. Blood was flowing from their bodies staining the picnic blanket along with a kite that appears to bear the markings of a skull, the universal symbol of death. There were spilled food and wrecked dishes, a picnic basket riddled with bullet holes, and a blood stained teddy bear once embraced by the boy.
Bruce and Alfred are horrified at what they saw. Bruce’s mind instantly flashes back to the tragic scene where he witnessed the murder of his parents at Crime Alley in a darken alley right near the Monarch Theater back in Gotham City. He can easily relate to what the man is now going through and wishes there is a way to help him. Tears stream in both the man and Bruce’s eyes. Both witnessed the tragic loss of loved ones that will haunt them both for the rest of their lives. Alfred uses a special communicator to call the police and report the crime as Bruce tries to approach the man to help him. As he drew closer, Bruce saw that the man is wounded, too. But it’s obvious he will survive. As the man opens his teary eyes, Bruce looks into them and saw something in him that made Bruce become wide-eyed in fear! The eyes of the man speaks of anger and rage! An uncontrollable thirst for revenge. Why him? Why his family? Why did they do this? They didn’t deserved to die! They were only enjoying a kite flying excursion on a family picnic outing when they accidentally stumbled onto a mob killing a rival man. Then it happened! The mob turned on the family, opened fire, and fled, leaving the deeply traumatized man howling in sorrow, pain, and anger, exactly the feelings Bruce had experienced 2 years ago when he witnessed the murder of his parents.
Bruce: “Excuse me, uh..”
Bruce: “I’m so sorry this happened, Mr…”
Frank: *calms down* “Castle, Frank Castle.”
Bruce: “Mr. Castle, sir. I’m sorry. So sorry, sir. Listen. I’ll stay and help you until–.”
Frank: *gets upset* “Help me? How the *&^% will you help me when it’s too late now?”
Bruce: “No, it’s not.”
Frank: “Yes, it is.”
Bruce: “No, Mr. Castle. It is not.”
Frank: “Go away! You’re pushing it! Just go away and leave me alone!”
Bruce: “Mr. Castle, I can’t go away and leave you. You’re wounded. You’re losing a lot of blood. You have to go to the hospital.”
Frank: *gets angry* “I said GO! GET THE HELL AWAY FROM ME! NOW!!”
Bruce: “But Mr. Castle..”
Alfred: “Bruce!”
Bruce: *turns his head* “Alfred.”
Alfred: “Leave the poor man alone. He’s extremely devastated over the horrible loss of his family. Don’t try to make it worse for him. The police are on their way. Come. Let us leave and allow the New York authorities handle the man and his plight.”
Bruce: “But I want to help this man, Alfred.”
Alfred: “No, Master Bruce. I’m sorry. But there is nothing you can do for him except step aside and leave him to mourn his loss.”
Bruce sadly turn away and joins Alfred along the edge of the woodland area.
Bruce: *sighs* “I wish there is a way I can help him, Alfred.”
Alfred: “So do I, Master Bruce. So do I.”
Bruce and Alfred left the area to make their way to the main path. Suddenly they came upon a gruesome sight that made them gasp in horror. Right before their very eyes, there is a dead man hanging by a rope and riddled with blood-oozing bullet holes. Their eyes became very wide as the two froze in a state of shock.
Bruce: “Oh my god…”
Alfred: “How the devil did this happened!?”
Slowly the two draw closer to the body get a good look at it.
Bruce: “I believe that this is the direct result of a gang war, Alfred. Remember the story that appeared in the headlines of The Gotham Gazette about a gang war that erupted between Falcone’s gang and Thorne’s gang in the streets of Gotham City last year? Both gangs were at war over the killing of one of Carmine’s most trusted lawyers, with Carmine blaming Thorne for the killing. When the smoke cleared, many of Thorne’s men were killed. Carmine ordered his men to hang the bodies from the ceiling of The Iceberg Lounge where Rupert often goes to hang out at and leave them there to serve as a warning to anyone, even Thorne, who dares to challenge the might of “The Roman Empire.”
Alfred: “I wonder. Does this have to do with what happened to the man and his family?”
Bruce: “I think so, Alfred.”
An ill-fated picnic tripBruce turned his head to the open area and sees Frank looking at the bloodstained kite as he continues to embrace the bodies of his loved ones. He can tell by his tear drenched red face that the rage and anger is growing within him as a strong thirst for revenge quickly fill up every part of the mind belong to this special former Marine Captain and Vietnam War Veteran. Just then, loud screams of obscenities abruptly yelled out of Frank’s mouth.
Frank: “(*&^%$#@$%^&!!@$%i*(!!!!! I’LL KILL THEM!! I’LL KILL THOSE SONS OF %$#^&*(*& *&^%$#@!~*&(!!!! #@&*^%$#!!!!”
Alfred: *startled* My word! Such strong language! The last time I heard them, I was serving in the Royal Guard.
Just then a chorus of sirens signal the arrival of the New York Police and the paramedics. Alfred and Bruce approach the vehicles as they pulled to a stop right near the scene of the crime. The two lead the authorities to where the crime took place. Then they stood back and watch as the police investigate the whole area and the paramedics tend to Frank’s wounds. The two watched as the police gathered clues that will be used as evidence of the crime when they are presented in court. The coroners took down the hanging body and place it inside a body bag along with the bodies of Frank’s family to be taken to a local morgue for an autopsy. The paramedics took hold of Frank and place him on a stretcher to be loaded up into an ambulance that will take him to a New York City hospital to be treated for his wounds.
When the police and the ambulances have gone away. Bruce and Alfred went back to the hotel where they are vacationing in and talked about what has happened at Central Park. To Bruce, it’s like reliving the nightmare of watching his parents die at the hands of a crook all over again. What stood out in Bruce’s mind is the bloodstained kite that has the markings of a skull, the death’s head symbol. Bruce fears that the mark is an omen which tells him that one day Frank Castle will become a certain murderous vigilante that will bring to criminals exactly what the symbol represents– death.
Alfred: “Oh my. I hope to God he won’t, Master Bruce. I pray that he’ll get the right help he needs to overcome his grief and sorrow and get justice for his family.”
But Bruce has a very sinking feeling that no offer of any kind will help Frank get justice for his family and overcome his loss. The Wayne Foundation nor the infamous Arkham Asylum will be of any help either. What will happen to Frank will be a fulfillment of the kite’s omen that accurately predicts that soon, very soon Frank Castle will take all matters into his own hands and began killing all those who murdered his family, avenging them and ultimately become known as The Punisher who will than start a one man crusade to kill every criminal in the world, eventually taking his deadly war against crime to the streets of Gotham City, where Bruce will eventually go on an all out effort to stop him– as Batman.


Sherry Konkus

Sherry Konkus lives in Owosso, MI. She is the proud owner of the Camac Athena EX Concert Grand Harp named "Grover" and Camac Mademoiselle named "Ernie." She's also the proud author of The Punisher Harp Zone. Sherry is the one who came up with the idea of portraying The Punisher from Marvel Comics as the punishing harpist who plays the harp in memory of his family who was killed by the mob years ago.