Break a Leg, Jon!

What Jon wants to do with Punisher.

If only Netflix agrees to do a Solo Punisher series. #Dreaming #DreamsDoComeTrue
According to MoviePilot’s latest article about The Punisher, the Netflix’s version of Frank Castle will be the most violent Garth Ennis style version of The Punisher, yet.

And, so, with Daredevil Season 2 fast approaching, it’s seriously reassuring to see that not only is Jon Bernthal taking his impending role as the Punisher seriously, by hitting his local comic book store (figuratively, and not lethally, thankfully), but that he also looks to be heading in a very much fan-friendly direction with his take on the anti-hero. According to Bernthal’s recent tweet, at least:

— Jon Bernthal (@jonnybernthal) June 30, 2015

And boy, is Jon taking his role as The Punisher seriously or what? I greatly wish him the best of luck and huge success with his role as Frank Castle in the upcoming Season 2 of The Netflix series Daredevil. 🙂


Sherry Konkus

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