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New set of Marvel's The Punisher Behind-The-Scenes Photos reveal Billy Russo's new face!

While I was knee deep in frustration trying to migrate my site to a new host, a gallery of Marvel’s The Punisher behind the scenes photos leaked online revealing a close up of Ben Barnes’ version of Billy Russo and his newly scarred face!

And here’s a BTS video showing Billy in action.

To be honest I freaking love this version of Jigsaw! In my opinion, he’s far better than what he looks like in the comics over the years and in The Punisher War Zone 2008 film starring Ray Stevenson as The Punisher. But of course, some people, who are longtime fans of The Punisher, are a little bit upset that this version of Billy does not resemble his comic book counterpart or the 2008 film version. Others, on the other hand, believe that this may not be the final design of Jigsaw’s appearance. And that they are planning on adding some CGI animation to Billy’s face come post-production time when the filming of Season 2 wraps up which will occur sometime in Mid-August.
There is one problem, though. There are no dots found on Jigsaw’s face that gives the viewer any indications that Billy’s face will be edited with CGI to add more scars to the face than what is shown in the photos. Adding CGI animation to anything in films and TV shows are very expensive to do, costing movie makers millions of dollars to do the work. So, it is likely that they will resort to either adding more makeup to Billy’s face or just leave him as he is and make Punisher disfigure Jigsaw’s face some more in the climax of Season 2 perhaps.
According to the comics and in the 2008 film, Jigsaw’s face was put back together by a group of amateur doctors at a back alley hospital clinic which explains why Jigsaw’s face is grossly disfigured. You won’t see anything like that in the Punisher series because it looks like Billy’s face has been repaired by a group of highly professional plastic surgeons after what Frank has done to it at the climax of Season 1.
But all those plastic surgeons will never be able to bring back Jigsaw’s face to what it was before Frank disfigured it. And that leads Billy with only one option to take – swear to get even with Frank and make him pay for what he did to his face, which he will try to do in Punisher Season 2 when it premieres on Netflix sometime in either late 2018 or early 2019!

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