More bad news about #ThePunisher.


Show’s delayed…. allegedly.

Now the show is allegedly delayed!

From Comic Book Resources— “A recent report surfaced from Verne Gay of Newsday that says Marvel and Netflix are delaying the show’s launch, in addition to the recent removal of the show from New York Comic Con. The report says it is aiming for a release sometime in the late fall and is in direct response to the Las Vegas shooting.”

It seems Netflix was orchestrating a surprise drop this weekend, hence all the teases without release dates over the past few weeks. It isn’t hard to surmise why Marvel and Netflix decided against that, as the character is particularly violent and of a much darker tone than the rest of the Marvel Netflix series. That’s saying something when one of those shows is Daredevil. The studios also canceled an event in Paris that would have taken place simultaneously alongside New York Comic Con. The first two episodes were to be streamed for fans, with the rest dropping on Netflix soon after. We’ve reached out to Netflix and Marvel for clarification, and neither studio has confirmed the show is being delayed.

They’re pulling our legs. I know they are. But I greatly understand why are they doing this in the wake of what happened in Las Vegas late Sunday night into Monday morning. After the Las Vegas incident, Marvel and Netflix both made a wise move to save the excitement of The Punisher series for another day until the ordeal dies down after awhile. And honor the memory of the victims of the massacre.
But I can’t understand it. How come why they decided to cancel and delay The Punisher while allowing all other gun-themed panels including The Walking Dead and Justice League panels go on at the New York Comic Con without a hitch? It doesn’t make any sense, even when there are multitudes of mass murders going worldwide big and small and none of the foreign and domestic media are cancelling their movies, TV shows, and comic con panels and promos because of them.
At least I’m happy to know that The Punisher airing on Netflix is not going to be pulled off the air permanently and that the show’s hype will be reignited again at the very right time, I hope.
How can I see The Sweetest Punisher Scene on Earth if they delay the show’s airing and cancel panel events!?


Sherry Konkus

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